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What is Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is lifting weights and following a strict high protein diet, in order to acheive muscle mass in an aesthetic way. In other words gaining muscle mass, but not with excessive fat, is the ultimate goal for both male and female bodybuilders.

The vast majority of bodybuilders do not actually compete in bodybuilding competitions. Bodybuilders sometimes won't even call themselves bodybuilders to non-bodybuilders, but instead "weightlifters". They will do so because they are afraid of being under extra scrutiny or mis-understandings by non-bodybuilders.

Bodybuilding contests can be either amateur or professional. The two biggest professional bodybuilder competitions are Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic. Arnold Schwarzenegger won the olympia title 7 times in a row.

You can classify all bodybuilders into two lifestyles; "natural" or "steroid users". The natural ones don't use any hormone assistance (anabolic steroids or human growth hormone) and rely on nutritional supplements and natural herbal supplements. Anabolic steroid use is frowned upon more in the bodybuilding community with woman bodybuilders than men. This is because of the permanent physiological effects it can have as a "male hormone" on the female body.

Powerlifters are often confused with bodybuilders, but there is big differences. A powerlifter's goal is to ultimately increase strength, even if it sacrifices aesthetics. Powerlifters also train differently with weights, but both bodybuilders and powerlifters follow a high protein diet and heavy weight training routines.

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