Cumulative Fatigue Training

August 4th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

What is Cumulative Fatigue Training?

Cumulative Fatigue Training is where you do sets for a excercise, until you can’t do anymore for a specified amount of reps. For example, if you want to do sets of 8 reps for bench press, you move onto the next excercise once you can’t do 8 reps in a set anymore.

Cumulative Fatigue Training Guide:

How many sets you want to do per excercise is ultimately up to you, but you should choose a weight that you can at least do 5 sets of the specified rep number. Do 5-7 sets for one excercise per muscle part, with 1 minute rests between sets. You should not be getting very close to muscular failure on the specified rep number, until you are near your target set. You can slightly modify these recommendations to fit your body and goals, but care must be taken to ensure you are not overtraining.

  1. staying healthy on February 17th, 2011

    How often should this be done? Three days a week or so? Everyday? It isn’t really clear.