11-OXO Review

May 19th, 2008 by Paul Johnson

11-oxo is one of the hottest bodybuilding supplements to hit the market in recent years. What differentiates it from any other supplement is it’s unique ability to block cortisol. Cortisol is that nasty hormone that breaks down muscle in the body and promote fat gain. It is released during weightlifting, high stress, and waking up in the morning. By controlling cortisol levels, 11-oxo helps you build more muscle and accumulate less fat during bulking.

How 11-oxo works on cortisol:

11-Oxo real name is Adrenosterone. It is of the class called first selective inhibitor of 11b hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type I reductase. This basically means it blocks cortisone from attaching to the 11HSD1R and converting to cortisol, by 11-oxo attaching to 11HSD1R itself instead. This mechanism is called competitive inhibition.

Apparently, 11-oxo is naturally released in the androgen glands as a counter-balance to controlling cortisol, which is also released by the andrenal glands. Adrenosterone was discovered by Patrick Arnold, world renowned steroid expert and chemist, while researching in past research study texts.

Is 11-OXO a pro-hormone?

In addition to being a cortisol blocker, 11-OXO also acts as a pro-hormone, by converting to an active steroid 11-oxotestosterone in the body. This means it can be suppressive to your testosterone production and must be cycled. However, cortisol has a suppressive effect on testosterone product, therefore the cortisol blocking effects should help offset a bit the testosterone suppression from the pro-hormone conversion.

11-OXO results:

Thousands of bodybuilders have tried 11-oxo and have seen great results. There is a lot of research to backup 11-OXO, unlike most other bodybuilding supplements. Patrick Arnold is the only true authority in bodybuilding supplement research and he has researched this compound well. There are other compounds found naturally or artificially that can block cortisol through various ways, but 11-OXO has the safest and most effect route of doing it. While bulking, 11-OXO can help you bust through a plateau and gain a few lbs of muscle and make the gains more leaner. While dieting, 11-OXO can help you lose more fat and less of it being muscle.

  1. Jason G. on April 27th, 2009

    11-Oxo is some pretty potent stuff. I treated as a “cycle” and gained a few lbs of muscle and lost fat. This is after being on a plateau for weeks.