2007 Olympia Contest

July 31st, 2007 by Paul Johnson

What is the olympia contest?

The Olympia contest created by Joe Weider in 1965, is the top professional bodybuilding competition in the world. The most massive and cut male bodybuilders as humanly possible compete here annually. The Olympia event also has the female contests: Ms. Olympia Contest, Figure Olympia, and Fitness Olympia.

Arnold Schwarzennegar and Lou Ferrigno "The Hulk", are the most well known past Mr. Olympia competitors, to the mainstream public.

When is the 2007 Olympia contest?

September 27-30, 2007.

Who are the expected 2007 Olympia contenders?

Mr. Olympia

1. Eddie Abbew (United Kingdom)
2. Melvin Anthony (USA)
3. Gustavo Badell (Puerto Rico)
4. Ronnie Coleman (USA)
5. Jay Cutler (USA)
6. Mark Dugdale (USA)
7. Toney Freeman (USA)
8. Marcus Haley (USA)
9. Phil Heath (USA)
10. Dexter Jackson (USA)
11. Victor Martinez (Dominican Republic)
12. Ronnie Rockel (Germany)
13. Markus Ruhl (Germany)
14. Silvio Samuel (Spain)
15. Sergey Shelestov (Russia)
16. Vince Taylor (USA)
17. Hidetada Yamagishi (Japan)

Ms. Olympia

1. Lisa Aukland (USA)
2. Dayana Cadeau (Canada)
3. Iris Kyle (USA)
4. Antoinette Norman (USA) 5. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia (Venezuela)
6. Betty Pariso (USA)
7. Heather Policky (USA)
8. Bonny Priest (USA)
9.Annie Riviecco (USA)

Figure Olympia

1. Sonia Adcock (USA)
2. Gina Aliotti (USA)
3. Suzanne Bock (Germany)
4. Monica Brant-Peckham (USA)
5. Gina Camacho (USA)
6. Celeste Gonzalez (Spain)
7. Danielle Hollanshade (USA)
8. Mary Elizabeth Lado (USA)
9. Amber Littlejohn (USA)
10. Jenny Lynn (USA)
11. Inga Neverauskaite (Lithuania)
12. Christine Pomponio-Pate (USA)
13. Amanda Savell (USA)
14. Tara Scotti (USA)
15. Valerie Waugaman (USA)
16.Latisha Wilder (USA)

Fitness Olympia

1. Regiane Da Silva (Germany)
2. Adela Garcia (USA)
3. Tracey Greenwood (USA)
4. Jen Hendershott (USA)
5. Amy Huber (USA)
6. Tanji Johnson (USA)
7. Kim Klein (USA)
8. Julie Lohre (USA)
9. Angela Monteleone-Semsch (USA)
10. Julie Palmer (USA)
11.Julie Shipley-Childs (USA)

The top two Mr. Olympia finalist are expected to be Jay cutler and Ronnie Coleman. Eight time winner Ronnie Coleman, is expected to try and attempt to return as winner after losing to Jay cutler in 06.

Where is the Olympia contest event located?

Las Vegas Nevada at the Orleansarena com and Las Vegas Convention Center buildings.

Where do I order 2007 Olympia tickets?

To order event tickets, call the Orleans Arena box office toll free: 1-888-234-2334 or order online at Orleansarena com

The official host for the 2007 Olympia is Orleans Hotel & Casinoand is giving special hotel rates if you mention "Mr. Olympia Spectacular Block" (75 dollars weekdays, 150 friday & saturday)

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