Dumbell Only Workout Routine

Sometimes you just can’t do your regular training routine with barbells or a powerrack or bench press. The reason may be that you can’t afford the equipment, have no room, no money to go to the gym, on vacation, etc. The only thing you will need in the workout below is dumbells. A workout bench or power cage or any other equipment is not needed!

Chest/Shoulder/Tricep day

1) If you have no bench with you, do Multiple sets of Pushups (wearing a backpack with a little bit of weight in it, feet elevated on a chair, and slow reps) or if you have a bench, do dumbell presses.

2) Chest Flyes

3) Lateral raises

4) Shoulder dumbell presses sitting

5) Chair Dips or Tricep extensions

Back Day

1) Bent over dumbell rows, one arm at a time.

2) Shrugs, one arm at a time.

3) Bicep curls sitting, one arm at a time.

Leg day

Squats dumbell (high reps)

Stiff legged keystone deadlifts dumbell (high reps)

Anthony Ellis MuscleGainTips.com Review

Anthony Ellis program at MuscleGainTips.com (He recently changed it to FastMuscleGain.com) is geared mainly for skinny guys. He caters his program to people who struggle to put on weight and are very eager to find out how to build muscle for their bodytype.

Anthony Ellis's overnight success all began in 1997, when he entered the Body For Life competition. It was a nationwide contest, where users radically changed their body in 12 weeks with the winners to get very expensive prizes. Unlike most in the competition who were losing fat, Anthony Ellis's goal was to put on muscle. He weighed only 135 lbs at the age of 27! Below are the before and after pictures of Anthony Ellis during his remarkable 12 week body for life challenge.

Anthony Ellis before and after pictures

Anthony Ellis Transformation

Anthony Ellis gained a lot of muscle in a very short amount of time, while even losing a bit of fat! 32 lbs of lean muscle(some of it's water, but water weight shows as lean muscle on bodystats) was gained during these 12 weeks! Then for 4 weeks after this, Anthony Ellis went on a fat loss cycle and kept all the muscle he gained and lost fat bringing him to a 6% bodyfat. That is really amazing to do that, let alone in the time span he claims.

Anthony ellis

In fact the transformation is a little "too good" for most people to believe. Many people speculate that what really happened was Anthony Ellis either used steroids , had muscle memory (previously had that muscle but then lost it), took longer than 16 weeks to do it, or even photoshopped it. I bought the book a few years back, so I was a regular at the forum for many months. Anthony Ellis had to try and refute some of these allegations once in a while at his forums. He denied use of steroids, however in the bodyforlife contest video, he was among the 3 people who got inconclusive results under the lie detector test.

Most steroid users will tell you Anthony Ellis's results are hard to acheive even on a massive steroid cycle. Regardless of whether or not he used steroids, I believe he definitely has insanely good bodybuilding genetics. Simply doing steroids isn't much of a help, if you have bad genetics and/or diet.

Book overview:

The book is nearly 200 lbs and is packed full of information. He introduces you to hormones and how to perform excercises complete with pictures and detailed descriptions. His nutritional sections explain diet and what you need to eat for effective mass building. In the book, Anthony ellis will tell you exactly how to know if you should be in his mass gain or fat loss phase. Both phases are highly detailed outlines and tell you what to do if your progress stalls or your not getting results. In the supplement sections Anthony explains which supplements are proven to help build muscle and lose fat and which ones he uses. One thing that stands out in Anthony Ellis's book over other muscle building programs

In addition to the book you get meal plan books, where you can see samples of different meals he eats at various calorie levels. He also has workout books, one for fat loss, another for mass building phase, and another for the beginners. These are workout books you can take to the gym and fill out. They also change the workouts at specific weeks, so you simply follow the workout books for 26 weeks(16 weeks for the fat loss).

Anthony Ellis gives away other bonuses, including a 6 month membership to his chat and forum. I find his chat the most useful of his bonuses, as you get time to ask him complicated questions and get a quick response. The private forum is nice for being able to learn and see progress from other like minded members, who most are struggling to gain weight.

Anthony Ellis Program Final Thoughts:

Right now Anthony Ellis's program goes for $77 dollars and you might wonder if that is worth the price. I believe so, but only if you are new to bodybuilding and need some guidance. His book is full of solid basic information and his forum and chats, will help guide and motivate you to stick to his plan. Anthony Ellis's program is not the end all be all of programs. Once you use his plan and gain a lot of muscle and become more advanced, you will probably find you can modify the diet and routines to fit your needs and goals.

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