Hello, my name is Paul Johnson and I’m the author of all the content written on this blog and also the sole owner of this site. I graduated with a 4 year degree in computer science, with a concentration in Bioinformatics. Even though my degree isn’t in Excercise science or biology, I learned about research methods and got a good background in basic biology and chemistry through various classes. I’ve also spent years in my spare time as a seasoned bodybuilder, researching what other bodybuilders say and reading scientific studies on supplementation and excercise science. I believe my basic education and interest in bodybuilding, gives me a unique perspective on many bodybuilding topics.

Our blog covers a wide variety of topics, but I most enjoy writing on topics that aren’t written on other bodybuilding article sites. Bodybuilding is a dynamic and complicated sport, with constant new research changing our viewpoints all the time. We can’t even come to agreement on many basic things such as workout routines and nutrition. Even when looking to scientific studies for the answers, they don’t always give it to us. For this reason, I enjoy when readers reply to the blog with their opinions/criticisms on a blog post. This allows well rounded viewpoints from a range of individuals that is needed for bodybuilding topics. The only thing I ask when leaving a comment, is do not put a link to a store or some kind of review page (which has a affiliate link attached) in the middle of your comment text. You can however, put that URL inside the field box where that is allowed, but just not in the middle of your comment.

Our entire blog is constantly being re-updated with the newest information. I often have to go back and re-edit old blog posts, based on new research or information I discovered. I’ve had to go back months ago, to delete and rewrite the articles, when new research came out contradicting long held bodybuilding beliefs.