Anthony Ellis Program Review

March 5th, 2008 by Paul Johnson

Anthony Ellis is the author behind the muscle building program at His program package is specifically geared for skinny hardgainers who have trouble gaining weight and muscle. Anthony Ellis claims over 100,000 users have purchased his muscle building program.

Anthony Ellis has a proven ability to be able to completely transform his body. It started in 1997 when he was only 135 lbs. He decided he would join the Body for life Challenge by Bill Phillips. In the span of 12 weeks he was able to gain over 30 lbs of lean muscle mass.

Anthony Ellis

He then for the following 4 weeks went on a cutting phase where he lowered his bodyfat to a very low 5.7%, while maintaining all of his muscle!

Anthony Ellis

Many people over the years question his accomplishment, but for his personal challenge he took before and after pictures with a newspaper. Anthony Ellis was one of the 7 finalist for Bill Phillips competition and actually was featured in the 97 body for life video. The finalist all took a lie detector test asking about their previous steroid use. Some didn't pass with flying colors and they were questioned, including Anthony Ellis. Bill Phillips decided to make all the finalist a winner. Anthony Ellis has always claimed that he never has used steroids. Regardless of the controversy, Anthony Ellis has proven to be an inspiration for thousands of skinny guys like me, looking for someone who knows how to build muscle for their body type.

I purchased the program a few years ago. As a hardgainer myself, Anthony Ellis was the first person I learned most of my basics. The first part of the book is an introduction to hormones and understanding how hormones interact to build muscle and help fat loss. In the next section, Anthony Ellis shows you in pictures and text, how to do all the major workout excercises with proper form. The next section talks about nutrition. He covers everything, from what kinds of proteins are best, to the effects of fats in the diet on muscle building.

Although Anthony Ellis markets his book mainly to skinny hardgainers, the next section is seperated between fat loss and muscle gain programs. In both the mass gaining and fat loss programs, Anthony Ellis tells you exactly how to setup your diet based on calories, grams of each macronutrient, how many meals to eat, exact times to eat them, etc. You are supposed to choose between the mass gain or fat loss program based upon your bodyfat percent. The fat loss program is for those who gained too much fat during their muscle gaining phase or who happen to be hardgainers and got out of shape, becoming "skinnyfat". Anthony Ellis supplement section of the book outlines the supplements he recommends and the science behind them. The end of the book has other things such as answers to common questions, tips, and more.

The workout routines are followed in his workout books that come with the package. There is a workout book for beginners, fat loss, and muscle gaining. All you have to do is follow each workout to a T and each workout automatically changes every few weeks. The workouts he gives are very well designed and give you a good understand of how to setup a effective weight training workout. The workouts are planned out as a schedule for weeks, but you can continue to do his workouts after you get to the end, by starting back to week 1. Anthony Ellis incorporates changing workouts every few weeks because changing workouts is important to continued muscle growth.

Is Anthony Ellis's program package worth purchasing?

Yes, if you don't know much about working out and the basics of building muscle. This program is great for not only hardgainers, but anyone who wants to lose fat effectively too. Although Anthony Ellis does a good job of trying to convince you he has some secret to building muscle that others don't, this book is strictly for newbies. The book won't tell you anything new if you already are well versed in the basics. Anthony Ellis offers a full money back guarantee, so that is a benefit for those who are wary of his program.

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  1. Anthony Ellis Scam on November 24th, 2009

    Stay away from this con artist. His hair is receded and he looks much older in the before and after. He already was proven to be a liar by Bill Phillips on the lie detector test.

  2. Yeah on December 21st, 2010

    Before I even read the above comment, I thought the photos all looked fake, like some kid just figuring out Photoshop.