June 20th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Bigorexia, what is it? Bigorexia is the opposite of anorexia. It is a psychological condition coined by some psychologist because the person can never feel as strong and muscular as he wishes. Just great, now they have a psychological term covering all of us bodybuilders. As if we didn't have enough negative connotations around us as it is. Well, not quite. I believe it only occurs in a portion of bodybuilders who have a psychological pre-disposition to it.

Bigorexia is really the extreme lifestyle of the bodybuilder. It's where you will do steroids, and/or sacrifice vacation or family time, in order to go to the gym to lift weights or because you are freaked out about missing a meal to fuel your muscles. It is not to be confused with someone preparing for a bodybuilding contest. It is someone who feels this way year around and becomes obsessed in their goal for large muscles.

I am certainly no psychologist, but I think it occurs mainly in bodybuilders who have low self esteem/depression or other psychological problems such as obsessive compulsive disorder or addictive personalities. I must admit I suffered bigorexia. I think it's hard to ever get "over it" completely, just like smoking or drugs.