Bodybuilding Affiliate Programs

May 20th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Do you have a bodybuilding website or blog yourself and you want to make money off of it through affiliate work? I am a very experienced blogger and run a large network of websites(mostly bodybuilding), so my insight should save you a lot of effort figuring out good bodybuilding affiliates.

The best bodybuilding affiliate program I use is A1supplements  They will pay you 15% on your orders including repeat commissions, for 60 days. Their prices are also very competitive and their store has been around many years.  It's actually my highest paying bodybuilding affiliate. I've earned from other affiliates, but this one is by far my top earner. Another thing I like about a1supplements is that you can have links to a individual supplement product.

A bodybuilding video affiliate site I recommend is Repetrope They pay 10% on sale with a 30 day cookie. They are the only place to find thousands of videos on NPC competitons and personal training videos, due to their exclusive contract rights.

You should probably start noticing sales with a1supplements fairly quickly, if you have a medium traffic bodybuilding site. Good luck!

  1. Craig Evans on January 17th, 2010


    We just established a new fitness site where we sell
    a very unique tracking system for bodybuilders.

    We also have a shopping cart that can showcase over 500 products with pictures and product info.

    Currently, we’ve hired a new designer that will be adding a blog/sign up for free training tips of the week/ and a virtual tour of both E-books.

    Our marketing will be in classified ads in most muscle mags/PPC and lots of social networking.

    Please advise.


    Craig Evans