Can Yohimbine Transdermals Spot Reduce Fat?

April 28th, 2008 by Paul Johnson

One common myth that floats around to people who don’t know much about fat loss, is the idea of spot reduction. This is the belief that you can lose fat in one area, by doing excercises for it. For example, some think if you do situps, it helps reduce fat around your stomach area. This has been debunked along time ago and fat is actually lost over the entire body in layers. There are certain areas of your body that have a higher preference for storing fat, but excercising certain muscles more won't help it lose fat faster than normal. In fact, the areas that gain fat first and the easiest, tend to be the last to lose the fat when dieting.

But what if I told you spot reducing fat was still possible?

Under normal conditions spot reducing is not possible, however a herb called Yohimbine could actually help. I'll tell you how.

What is Yohimbine

Yohimbine is a common fat loss stimulant used by bodybuilders for years. It has also been used commercially in pharmaceutical grade for treating sexual dysfunction in men. Yohimbine is a natural herb that has the unique ability to work on A2 receptors in fat cells as a alpha2-adrenergic receptor antagonist. Alpha 2 receptors tell the body to stop producing adrenaline. When Yohimbine blocks these receptors as an "antagonist", it keeps adrenaline from binding to the A2 receptors to stop fat oxidation (fat loss) in the cell.

How does Yohimbine spot reduce fat?

Initially, when losing fat a lot of it comes off easily. After you lose a bit of fat you start getting to more and more stubborn estrogenic fat that is leftover. This more stubborn fat tends to have a high A2 receptor density. The fat is very hard to get off because it is resistant to fat loss because of the high density of A2 receptors. High A2 receptor fat is usually in locations, such as chest, inner thighs, and love handles. Estrogen levels, genetics, and your bodyfat level dertermines both for men and women, how much of this type of fat forms. This is one reason why these areas are most "stubborn" to fat loss.

Taking the unique properties of yohimbe into consideration, Yohimbine transdermals were developed. The transdermals releases high doses of Yohimbe locally through the skin to be absorbed. Because Yohimbine is a stimulant, you can't take high doses orally. The transdermal allows you to absorb a high concentration of Yohimbine straight to where you want it to go, fat cells with high A2 receptor concentration.

Yohimbine Transdermal directions:

The use of transdermals for delivering supplements into the body is not something new. They have been used in the past by bodybuilders for other supplements including pro hormones. Some create their own transdermals and add the yohimbine to it. With yohimbine transdermals, you simply rub the lotion over the area you want to spot reduce the fat.

The best time to use Yohimbine transdermals is when you have low bodyfat and just can't get rid of fat from certain problem areas. If you are fat all over, there is no point in trying to spot reduce fat in one area with a yohimbine transdermal. Your first priority should be to just get your bodyfat low. You don't need to try and get stubborn fat, if you have plenty of other types of fat in the body. Once you get to a low bodyfat % and you hit a fat loss plateau, then add Yohimbe transdermal to the problem areas. You should start to lose the fat in those areas as long as you continue to diet and excercise while using it.

Where can I find yohimbe transdermals?

Popular commercial Yohimbine transdermal products are Lipoderm-Ultra and Lipoderm-Y w/ Caffeine by Avant labs. Some people even create their own custom yohimbine transdermal homebrews.