Jonathan Perez, the author of muscle building program claims to be a firefighter from Cleveland and went from 147 lbs to 230 lbs ripped.

Here is his current picture.

Jonathan Perez

He claims to have struggled for 10 years trying various supplements and diets and workouts and never gaining muscle. The thing I noticed is that he doesn't show his face and he has no before and after pictures. He could be anyone, we don't even know if a Jonathan perez exists or if that is really his picture.

Program Overview

This program is different from all the rest I've come across. Jonathan Perez is very anti-supplement and even feels that high protein diets are unnecessary. He doesn't believe in rigid structure, eating protein every 2 or 3 hours. This goes against what almost every bodybuilder is taught. Most bodybuilders agree you need a lot of protein to grow. He says ratios don't matter (i.e getting 30% of total calories as protein) and focuses on just calories. He feels its more important to get a lot of calories and just some protein mixed in with it. The problem about this idea, is if you eat too many carbs and fat, your body will just store fat! Jonathan instead, has you focus your calories at key points around your day.

Jonathan Perez's program tells you exactly how many times to workout a muscle, the rep range and sets to use, and special techniques to incorporate into your workout to maximize muscle building. , To prevent the body from adapting to the workouts, you cycle sets and rest periods or take long breaks, within a structured format. Jonathan Perez doesn't believe in real heavy lifting because that trains the nervous system more than muscles. One interesting fact, is that his first e-book had a high pump routine, which he said was crucial for growth. He then issued a 2nd e-book, free to current users, that said the pump routine was wrong and they should try his low volume rest pause workout routine. If he is confused about routine worked, how can we even know his transformation was real to begin with?

Do you recommend Program?

No, unless you are curious to read it and try something radically different. I can see how someone might want to try the program, if they are tired of eating protein every 2 or 3 hours and eatting massive amounts of protein. The program is only 39 dollars and is backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee by , so its a risk free purchase. I personally never tried the program after reading it because his ideas were so against protein and supplements and his identity and transformation are questionable too.

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Shawn LeBrun is the author of multiple muscle building and fat loss program at Shawn has specific programs based on your particular goals. His most popular are his Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded and Hardgainer's Bible and 7 Things You Must Do to Gain Weight programs. The last 2 E-books are for skinny hardgainers trying to gain weight.

Here his before picture and then a few weeks later he competed in a bodybuilding competition and the last picture is him today.

Shawn LeBrun Pictures

You can tell from the pictures that Shawn is a natural endomorph with the large
bone structure and midsection, but he carries a lot of muscle and fat. Shawn claims to have struggled
for 16 years trying to find the right formula to build muscle and lose fat. There is definitely some muscle development in the before picture, under that fat, so he is no newbie to weight training in the before picture.

HardGainer's Bible Program overview

If you are not skinny and struggle to gain muscle, then you'll want his main program Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded, which is more general information to cover more body types and fitness goals. Shawn LeBrun's HardGainer's Bible, was specifically written for hardgainers and how to gain weight. Even though Shawn doesn't appear to be a hardgainer, HardGainer's Bible has very sound information for gaining weight and muscle. HardGainer's Bible is 100 pages and covers proper diet and nutrition for gaining weight, how to structure a workout routine, and a lot of great tips. He also covers how to bust through plateaus, increase testosterone levels to help your muscle building, and effective cardio that won't hurt your muscle building efforts in the process. I found the Hardgainer's Bible an easy read and there was no wild unsupported theories, like some of the other programs I've come across. The dissapointing part of the book, was that it could have been longer and more in depth on some things.

Shawn includes some free bonuses when you purchase the HardGainer's Bible. He includes one month of online personal training. This is your chance to personally contact him by email. These personal contact emails are great because a lot of complex muscle building questions can't be answered in a book. Shawn also gives you 4 great e-books with a wealth of information. He also gives the exact copy of his workout routine he used to train for his bodybuilding competition. You can use this routine for anytime you want to lose fat on a cutting diet or when getting ready for a bodybuilding competition. He throws in a few other bonuses like videos showing proper form of excercises, a nutrition database, and newsletter.

Are the Programs worth buying?

Yes, his programs are worth the 39 dollars. Most of the others are $77 dollars(or more). Shawn's programs don't include quite as much as some of the expensive muscle building programs and the books are not quite as comprehensive. For example, some of the expensive ones give you dozens of meal and workout sample plans the author follows, that you can also follow to a T. Some of the ones charging 77 dollars, also give you a year (or even lifetime) of personal contact with the program author, whereas Shawn only gives one month. If you buy one of Shawn's weight gain books, you won't find that much information on how to lose fat. This is a problem because eventually most hardgainers will overbulk and need to know how to effectively lose fat. Many other programs, cover both muscle building and fat loss, comprehensively in the same book.

If you want someone to give you everything in detail and walk you through it to a T, then you might want a more expensive and muscle building program package from somewhere else. Shawn LeBrun's program still has quite a bit of stuff for it's price, making it a great deal. The program also has a 8 week full moneyback guarantee supported by Clickbank, so you are completely safe in taking a risk trying the program.

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Vince DelMonte is the the author of the best selling program No Nonsense Muscle Building at The program is for hardgainers who struggle to gain weight and muscle. If you are female, Vince DelMonte has teamed with Shannon Clark, to write a seperate program geared specifically for women too.

Vince Del Monte is a self proclaimed skinny hardgainer, who struggled to gain weight and muscle for years. He followed bad advice and became very frustrated and eventually gave up trying to build muscle.It wasn't until after a personal tradegy happened, that Vince DelMonte learned the secrets to building muscle. Vince says he was able to gain 41 lbs of mainly muscle in 24 weeks, from 149 lbs to 190 lbs. Eventually, he entered the Canadian Fitness Model Champion and by his 3rd show, he won it. His transformation has even been featured in some magazines and has written at and other websites. Vince has a degree in kinesiology and works as a personal trainer today.

Vince Del Monte Before and Pictures

In the first picture below he is at 149 lbs, your typical struggling hardgainer. In the 2nd picture, he is 190 lbs after he gained the 41 lbs in 24 weeks. In the final pic, how he looks today, he is now at age 28, up to 210 lbs 10% bodyfat.

Vince DelMonte before picture Vince DelMonte after picture Vince DelMonte recent picture

Here is a recent video of Vince DelMonte too

Program overview

The core of his program is his Skinny Guy Secrets to Insane Muscle Gain Program book. He goes over the 9 major "growth principles", his philosphy of how to build muscle in a workout routine. The book also covers nutrition, fat loss, and preparing yourself mentally for your goals. His training and diet information is pretty basic, but it's solid information. Vince doesn't overstress supplements and feels that most are a waste of money. The organization of the book could have been better and more thorough in some sections, but it's still a well written book.

As part of the program, Vince also gives you free access to his secret website. This is where you get a years worth of his workouts, including the same workouts he used when he gained the 41 lbs. He also has animations of the excercises, so you can study how to do workouts with proper form. Workout logs, tips, and other things are found here too.

Vince also gives you sample meal plans for free. He gives more meal plans than any other program I have seen. 5 different ones for 84 days from 2,000 calories to 6000. Vince gives you grocery shopping tips and even tells you how to prepare meals, even if you're a lousy cook.

Unlike other similiar programs, Vince developed The Advanced 29 Week Step-By-Step Max Power Workout Program, for those who already have a few years of bodybuilding experience. This comes free with the program and it's something you can try after using his basic program, once you learn how to gain muscle effectively. Vince also throws in another book to take advantage of his kinesiology education. Here he helps you fix poor posture, weak core muscles, poor flexibility, and other issues.

Vince also has other bonuses, including DVD and a fitness coach database. Simply type in a question in the database and it will try to search for a question that has been previously answered by Vince. If you can't find anythign, personally contact Vince and he will answer the question and add it to the database.

Is the worth buying?

Yes, at the current price of $77, you definitely get your money's worth if you don't know how to gain muscle. If you been working out for a while and now how to build muscle, then it's not worth the 77 dollars. Vince gives you just as much information and bonuses as some of his competitor programs and for a similiar price. Vince also guarantees your moneyback within the first 8 weeks. The guarantee is backed by, so there is no risk to at least give it a try. The program was also given a positive review by the well known and respected Dr. John M Berardi, author of scrawny to brawny.


Sean Nalewanyj Program

Sean Nalewanyj is author of the muscle building program at Sean Nalewanyj’s program is very popular, so I decided to buy it in order to review it. I purchased the Sean Nalewanyj program package for $77 dollars in January.

About Sean Nalewanyj

Before I talk about the program, I would first like to explain who is Sean Nalewanyj and how he created his program. Sean Nalewanyj was your typical skinny kid, who grew up being picked on and embarassed. He only weighed 125 lbs throughout his teens. Eventually, Sean Nalewanyj took matters into his own hands and radically changed his body from a scrawny loser to a brawny guy, that would make most people jealous.

Before and after pictures of Sean Nalewanyj

Here is picture of Sean Nalewanyj when he was in
his young teens and as you can see, he is your typical natural skinny hardgainer.

sean Nalewanyj before

This is Sean Nalewanyj now

sean Nalewanyj

Sean Nalewanyj was so happy with his results that he took what he learned and developed his own program. In 2006 and 2007, he has claimed to be the top selling muscle transformation program and been featured even in New York Times.

Sean Nalewanyj Book Overview

The beginning of the book explains in detail how Sean Nalewanyj struggled with his confidence being the skinny kid. It also tells you exactly why he decided to get into bodybuilding and how it changed his life. Sean Nalewanyj made this a highly inspirational section and a must read for others who went through these same experiences, like I did also when I was younger.

The other 9 chapters:

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - The Muscle-Building Philosophy
Chapter 3 - Structuring The Perfect Workout
Chapter 4 - Proper Muscle-Building Nutrition
Chapter 5 - Harnessing Your Inner Power
Chapter 6 - Supplementing For Massive Gains
Chapter 7 - Critical Feeding Times
Chapter 8 - Muscle-Building Myths Uncovered
Chapter 9 - Proper Rest & Recovery
Chapter 10 - Closing Words

Sean Nalewanyj will tell you exactly the rep range that is best for muscle building. He tells you in the supplement section exactly what supplements to avoid because they don't work. In the nutrition section, Sean Nalewanyj will tell you exactly what ratio of carbohydrates, fats, and protein you need for optimum muscle building. The workout section tells you exactly what kind of excercises are the best muscle mass builders and how you gear your workout around them. He also covers many other things including common sense tips, how to protect your joints and tendons from injuries, and bodybuilding myths. Sean Nalewanyj's book won't get you confused in a bunch of scientific mumbo jumbo. This book is for the novice who wants someone to give them everything they need to know to build muscle.

Sean Nalewnyj Program Package components

The program package also includes a workout plan guide on how to have 3 8 week cycles. He gives you also a logbook which means you can fill it out and take it with you while you workout. This makes it easy to track your progress for each week and develop good habits. He then gives you access to his private video database, where he performs 100 different weight lifting excercises. Sean Nalewanyj also includes 9 different meal plan examples based on calories, that he has used himself. This is great for making it easy to figure out nutritious meals that meet the daily protein and carbohydrate ratios based on calories.

The most unique part of the package is his personal training software. Basically it is a large database of common questions people have asked him. Just type in a question and it will match something in the database. This makes you feel like Sean Nalewanyj is in your own home helping you.

Final thoughts on Sean Nalewanyj Program

Would I recommend the Sean Nalewanyj Program to others? If you are skinny and don't know much about building muscle and are confused by everyones contradicting advice, then yes. It would save you a lot of time and hassle if you just bought his book and followed it to a T. Realize that Sean Nalewanyj's Program is geared for mostly those who don't know much about building muscle. His program is not magic and it will still take hard work and dedication on your part, to see the best muscle building results. Sean Nalewanyj does not have superior genetics, so he has proven himself the ability to overcome that and build dramatic muscle.

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Anthony Ellis Program Review

Anthony Ellis is the author behind the muscle building program at His program package is specifically geared for skinny hardgainers who have trouble gaining weight and muscle. Anthony Ellis claims over 100,000 users have purchased his muscle building program.

Anthony Ellis has a proven ability to be able to completely transform his body. It started in 1997 when he was only 135 lbs. He decided he would join the Body for life Challenge by Bill Phillips. In the span of 12 weeks he was able to gain over 30 lbs of lean muscle mass.

Anthony Ellis

He then for the following 4 weeks went on a cutting phase where he lowered his bodyfat to a very low 5.7%, while maintaining all of his muscle!

Anthony Ellis

Many people over the years question his accomplishment, but for his personal challenge he took before and after pictures with a newspaper. Anthony Ellis was one of the 7 finalist for Bill Phillips competition and actually was featured in the 97 body for life video. The finalist all took a lie detector test asking about their previous steroid use. Some didn't pass with flying colors and they were questioned, including Anthony Ellis. Bill Phillips decided to make all the finalist a winner. Anthony Ellis has always claimed that he never has used steroids. Regardless of the controversy, Anthony Ellis has proven to be an inspiration for thousands of skinny guys like me, looking for someone who knows how to build muscle for their body type.

I purchased the program a few years ago. As a hardgainer myself, Anthony Ellis was the first person I learned most of my basics. The first part of the book is an introduction to hormones and understanding how hormones interact to build muscle and help fat loss. In the next section, Anthony Ellis shows you in pictures and text, how to do all the major workout excercises with proper form. The next section talks about nutrition. He covers everything, from what kinds of proteins are best, to the effects of fats in the diet on muscle building.

Although Anthony Ellis markets his book mainly to skinny hardgainers, the next section is seperated between fat loss and muscle gain programs. In both the mass gaining and fat loss programs, Anthony Ellis tells you exactly how to setup your diet based on calories, grams of each macronutrient, how many meals to eat, exact times to eat them, etc. You are supposed to choose between the mass gain or fat loss program based upon your bodyfat percent. The fat loss program is for those who gained too much fat during their muscle gaining phase or who happen to be hardgainers and got out of shape, becoming "skinnyfat". Anthony Ellis supplement section of the book outlines the supplements he recommends and the science behind them. The end of the book has other things such as answers to common questions, tips, and more.

The workout routines are followed in his workout books that come with the package. There is a workout book for beginners, fat loss, and muscle gaining. All you have to do is follow each workout to a T and each workout automatically changes every few weeks. The workouts he gives are very well designed and give you a good understand of how to setup a effective weight training workout. The workouts are planned out as a schedule for weeks, but you can continue to do his workouts after you get to the end, by starting back to week 1. Anthony Ellis incorporates changing workouts every few weeks because changing workouts is important to continued muscle growth.

Is Anthony Ellis's program package worth purchasing?

Yes, if you don't know much about working out and the basics of building muscle. This program is great for not only hardgainers, but anyone who wants to lose fat effectively too. Although Anthony Ellis does a good job of trying to convince you he has some secret to building muscle that others don't, this book is strictly for newbies. The book won't tell you anything new if you already are well versed in the basics. Anthony Ellis offers a full money back guarantee, so that is a benefit for those who are wary of his program.

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