Sexual Health Supplements

Bodybuilders are active healthy people and most are in tune with supplementation. Although this topic is a bit off topic, I think it can be informative for many bodybuilders, especially since some of these supplements are commonly taken by bodybuilders already. I will go through some of the common sexual health supplements, and whether they work or not.

Tribulus: Tribulus has been touted as a testosterone booster and aphrodesiac. Research shows the testosterone booster claim unfounded, but it seems to be a valid aphrodesiac (libido booster). Read more about it in a previous article of mine Does Tribulus Terresteris Work?

Yohimbe: This is used by bodybuilders for fat loss, spot reduction, and sexual health. We have a previous article on Yohimbe.

Horny goat weed: This has been a common aphrodesiac supplement for many years. How much it helps for libido is debatable.

Arginine/ no2 supplements: Many bodybuilders take this for muscle gains, but arginine and no2 supplements should also result in increased blood flow to the penis. Research has shown that no2/arginine supplementation will actually not help, with neither muscle building or sexual health. You can read more about this in a previous article of ours: Do no2 supplements increase muscle gains?

GH Guts

In the last 10 years “GH Guts” have become common among the elite bodybuilders. Nicknamed because they are suspected the result of growth hormoneThey are distended bellys even when the person is ripped at a very low bf%.

The first person to sport a GH gut was Dorian Yates, 7 time Mr. Olympia winner during the 90’s. Here is a picture of him in a pose where you can get a good look of the distension.

Dorian Yates GH Gut

Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates successor for the Olympia crown, even had a more pronounced GH gut.

Ronnie Coleman GH Gut

Jay Cutler, the current Mr. Olympia, also has a GH gut you can see from this angle.

Jay Cutler GH Gut

Greg Kovacs pictured below, has been long known for his assymetrical body, dominated by his GH Gut.

Greg Kovacs

What causes a GH Gut?

Some bodybuilders have tried to say it was due to excessive eating, from their extremley high calorie diet. This wouldn’t explain why they have it even during contest time, with lower water retention and food intake. Although it's named GH gut, it may be caused by other drugs instead of GH (growth hormone).

Some believe it is due to the IGF-1 and insulin drug use or a combination of IGF-1 and Growth hormone. This argument is based on some research of IGF-1 and increased receptors in the internal organs. It seems that the extra mass that the mass monsters of Dorian yates and after him, have increased size more than ever, but at the cost of getting a GH gut.

2007 Mr. Olympia Winners

The results for the 2007 Mr. Olympia contest are finally in….

Jay Cutler wins Mr. Olympia again for his second title in a row

Jay cutler 2007 olympia

Victor Martinez placed 2nd:

Victor martinez 2007 olympia

Dexter Jackson places 3rd:

Dexter Jackson 2007 olympia

Does Enzyte & Maxoderm Work?

Perhaps you seen the late night programming of that guy talking with a bunch of girls about penis size and pushing maxoderm. Who could also forget the cheesy guy with a large constant smile advertising enzyte.


Maxoderm and enzyte give the impression that they are penis enlargement pills through their advertising. Does maxoderm and enzyte really increase penis size or are they total junk? Being well versed in the bodybuilding and supplement industry, I decided to research the ingredients of these supplements to find the answer.

About Enzyte:

Enzyte's slogan is "once a day tablet for male enhancement". The commercial and ads give the impression that it is for penis enlargement. Taking a look at the ingredients there is many herbs, many of which I recognize. The most prominent igredients they have that might deal with sexual health are arginine, tribulus, and horny goat weed. They also are not near the top of the ingredient list, so all are low concentration.

Arginine is what many bodybuilders take for their no2 supplements. no2 supplements are supposed to convert to nitric oxide in the body. Viagra also works on nitric oxide. However, science says that no2 supplements do not work. You can read a previous article I did on the science of no2 (arginine) supplements here. Tribulus and possibly horny goat weed, might increase libido, but do little for actual erections. At one time, enzyte actually claimed outright, it increased penis size. They eventually had lawsuits filed against them and retracted those claims.

About Maxoderm:

Maxoderm like enzyte, also uses the term "male enhancement" for the purpose of taking their supplement. In their paid programming program on T.V, they have girls talking about the importance of penis size, then the host implies that maxoderm will help you. Maxoderm has different ingredients and in very different amounts compared to enzyte. The first two ingredients are yohimbe and arginine. Unlike arginine, yohimbe might be beneficial for erection strength and stamina, but certainly not for increasing actual penis size either.

Strongman Training

Although this is a bodybuilding blog, many bodybuilders, don’t know that much about strongman training. Strongman first had its origins in the 1800’s. These people displayed strength feats in the public such as holding weight over their head, bending steel, bench press, and sometimes it was done at the circus.

In the 1900's it developed into modern competitions. The Worlds most strongest man competition is the top competition. There is dozens of competition meets around the U.S for amateurs in the North American Strongman, Inc. (NAS)

Difference between strongman and powerlifters:

Powerlifting is only for the purpose of becoming more strong in the big 3, squat, benchpress, and deadlift. Strongman do many different excercises that require "real world strength", A.K.A functional strength. Both unlike bodybuilders, train for the purpose of strength and not for size or aesthetics, although size and strength go hand in hand.

Typical training excercises of a Strongman:

These are just some of the typical excercises you may see in a strongman event.

- Log Press - Lifting a large piece of wood(log) over their head for one rep or multiple reps.

- Farmers walk - Hold in each hand very large cylinder weights and walk.

- Tire flip - Flipping a very large tire over and over.

- Crucifix - Hold a heavy object with your arms out perpendicular to the ground. Judged based on how long you can hold it.

- Loading Events - Pick up a heavy object and carry it from one place to the other.

- Medley - A combination of strength events at once. Usually involves running back and

- Atlas/McGlashen Stones - Carrying five large round stones and putting them on a wall.

-Truck Pulling - Attach a harness to the person and have them try to pull a semi-truck or other type of large vehicle.

-Deadlift - Traditional weight lifting deadlift. However, it is not lifting the barbell and weight plates. For example, it may be the end of a truck attached to bars you deadlift.

- Car walk - The strongman is put inside a stripped car. He must walk as far as he can "carrying" the car.

Beginner Bodybuilders With Poor Results: Lifting Heavy?

Many veteran bodybuilders see just bad form with overly heavy weights. This research by Dr. Stephen Glass of Grande Valley State University may come as a shock. He found that beginner athletes(which can include bodybuilders in this study) often lifted too lightly to see a result. If your weight is not within about 2/3 of your 1 rep max then your weight is too light to see real significant muscle gains.

Abdominal Implants Anyone?

Remember when calf implants came onto the scene? People are always looking for a short cut for lagging muscles. Dr. Rogerio Porto de Rocha, MD. has been researching the prospect of now doing abdominal implants. He begun the idea when his brother complained of lagging abdominal excercises.

The idea of it is to use 1 cm diameter silicon prosthesis implants. This will make the abdominal muscles “pop out” to make them more defined. The implants are more difficult then other types in the past, but the doctor believes they will be available in the next few years.

Bodybuilding: Sport Getting More Popular?

I’m sure you have read the studies that 60% of the public in the U.S.A is overweight. Many countries around the world are also getting fatter as they adopt our lifestyles. However, I believe Bodybuilding is actually growing in popularity.

The public is getting fatter and as a result, they are looking for radical ways to change their body. They realize that the mainstream ways of getting in shape do not work well. Sure they can lose the fat by starving themselves, but they will look skinny fat and the weight will come back. The internet has also allowed information to flow freely, making such topics such as bodybuilding more accpetable. Before the internet, it was a thing you only talked about between people in the Gym. I think also Arnold Schwarzennegar becoming Governor has helped increase it's popularity.

While bodybuilding has made some great strides in reaching new people, it is still full of misconceptions and rumours and misunderstood by most. The Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest used to be on ESPN. Not anymore, yet they have the hot dog eating contest. I guess they want couch potatoes to feel better about themselves? ESPN would also rather gossip about steroid use among athletes.

Hormonal Birth Control for Men

I’m sure many have heard about the current testing for a male birth control injections. The tests use Testosterone implanted underneath the skin and injections of the hormone progestin. While it has been shown to be effective in studies so far, it is a total non-starter idea.

As most bodybuilders know, injecting steroids (such as testosterone), will cause your natural test production to stop. This means you will be dependant on testosterone for life. Progestin is a syntehtic progestogen, closely related to progesterone, that is used in female birth control pills and increases naturally during pregnancy. High levels of progestins in men may cause severe water bloat, lactation, gyno, and other side effects.

I can't believe the idea of using these hormones is even a thought for something as trivial as birth control. Why would you want to throw your body out of whack with horrible permanent side effects?

Bodybuilding Compared to Powerlifting

Bodybuilding and powerlifting is often confused. Some bodybuilders don't even know all the differences between the two.

Bodybuilder goals compared to Powerlifters:

Bodybuilders are all about aesthetics. The reward for their weight training is how they look. Bodybuilders see strength gains as a bonus from the workouts. They will also do cutting cycles, to make sure their muscles are not hidden by too much fat. Bodybuilders also like to be symmetrical, so they do isolation excercises, such as shrugs to work the traps, to make their body look proportioned.

Powerlifters on the other hand only care about strength. Gaining extra fat is actually seen as helpful in increasing strength. Cardio is usually not done by powerlifters, unless it's needed to control very excessive bodyfat. Powerlifters also use equipment during lifts such as a bench shirt or squat suit, to help reduce injury and aid in increasing their strength.

Powerlifting and bodybuilding routine differences:

Bodybuilders like to do many isolation and compound excercises per workout. They do more than one excercise for most muscles. Rep ranges usually are above 6 with short rest times between sets. Some bodybuilding workout routines advocate hitting the muscle more than once a week.

Powerlifters in contrast, only do 3 excercises: Squat, Deadlift, and Bench press. Powerlifters dedicate one workout to each excercise once a week. Rep ranges are lower and rest times are longer to allow the body to regain it's strength.

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