2007 Olympia Contest

What is the olympia contest?

The Olympia contest created by Joe Weider in 1965, is the top professional bodybuilding competition in the world. The most massive and cut male bodybuilders as humanly possible compete here annually. The Olympia event also has the female contests: Ms. Olympia Contest, Figure Olympia, and Fitness Olympia.

Arnold Schwarzennegar and Lou Ferrigno "The Hulk", are the most well known past Mr. Olympia competitors, to the mainstream public.

When is the 2007 Olympia contest?

September 27-30, 2007.

Who are the expected 2007 Olympia contenders?

Mr. Olympia

1. Eddie Abbew (United Kingdom)
2. Melvin Anthony (USA)
3. Gustavo Badell (Puerto Rico)
4. Ronnie Coleman (USA)
5. Jay Cutler (USA)
6. Mark Dugdale (USA)
7. Toney Freeman (USA)
8. Marcus Haley (USA)
9. Phil Heath (USA)
10. Dexter Jackson (USA)
11. Victor Martinez (Dominican Republic)
12. Ronnie Rockel (Germany)
13. Markus Ruhl (Germany)
14. Silvio Samuel (Spain)
15. Sergey Shelestov (Russia)
16. Vince Taylor (USA)
17. Hidetada Yamagishi (Japan)

Ms. Olympia

1. Lisa Aukland (USA)
2. Dayana Cadeau (Canada)
3. Iris Kyle (USA)
4. Antoinette Norman (USA) 5. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia (Venezuela)
6. Betty Pariso (USA)
7. Heather Policky (USA)
8. Bonny Priest (USA)
9.Annie Riviecco (USA)

Figure Olympia

1. Sonia Adcock (USA)
2. Gina Aliotti (USA)
3. Suzanne Bock (Germany)
4. Monica Brant-Peckham (USA)
5. Gina Camacho (USA)
6. Celeste Gonzalez (Spain)
7. Danielle Hollanshade (USA)
8. Mary Elizabeth Lado (USA)
9. Amber Littlejohn (USA)
10. Jenny Lynn (USA)
11. Inga Neverauskaite (Lithuania)
12. Christine Pomponio-Pate (USA)
13. Amanda Savell (USA)
14. Tara Scotti (USA)
15. Valerie Waugaman (USA)
16.Latisha Wilder (USA)

Fitness Olympia

1. Regiane Da Silva (Germany)
2. Adela Garcia (USA)
3. Tracey Greenwood (USA)
4. Jen Hendershott (USA)
5. Amy Huber (USA)
6. Tanji Johnson (USA)
7. Kim Klein (USA)
8. Julie Lohre (USA)
9. Angela Monteleone-Semsch (USA)
10. Julie Palmer (USA)
11.Julie Shipley-Childs (USA)

The top two Mr. Olympia finalist are expected to be Jay cutler and Ronnie Coleman. Eight time winner Ronnie Coleman, is expected to try and attempt to return as winner after losing to Jay cutler in 06.

Where is the Olympia contest event located?

Las Vegas Nevada at the Orleansarena com and Las Vegas Convention Center buildings.

Where do I order 2007 Olympia tickets?

To order event tickets, call the Orleans Arena box office toll free: 1-888-234-2334 or order online at Orleansarena com

The official host for the 2007 Olympia is Orleans Hotel & Casinoand is giving special hotel rates if you mention "Mr. Olympia Spectacular Block" (75 dollars weekdays, 150 friday & saturday)

How To Reduce Water Retention

Water retention is a big issue for bodybuilders. You been cutting for a while, yet you still have that “bloated” appearance. Luckily, there is many solutions to help reduce water bloat.

Tips to reduce water bloat

1) Reduce salt in diet. Salt plays a huge role in how much water you hold. Dairy and protein powders are often high in salt, so reduce those in your diet when you can.

2) Drink more water! Water helps flush out the sodium in your body, leading to less water retention.

3) Get off creatine. Creatine causes an enormous amount of water bloat.

4) Try caffeine or other strong diuretics. Caffeine and other stimulants such as ephedrine and synephrine are natural diuretics. Anti-estrogen supplements like 6-OXO and anti-estrogen prescriptions like nolvadex reduce water retention due to their effect on reducing estrogen levels in the body. Some bodybuilders use strong diuretics like Lasix for competitions. There is some long term health risks if you abuse some of these compounds though. Caffeine is the only I mentioned, that is safe to use long term. These diuretics will help give you more of a "ripped" apperance. Long term usage of some of these isn't a good idea, so reserve it to appropriate times of the year.

Pre-contest Bodybuilding Tan Guide

If you are light skinned your tanning for pre-contest in your fitness and bodybuilding competitions is of utmost importance. A tan can make a difference in very close judging.

This guide is centered around Pro-tan products since they are the best tanning products for bodybuilding competitors I believe.

First you will want to apply Buffed Pre-Tan Exfoliator to your body. This should be used before Pro Tan Competition Color so it can get maximum absorption to your skin.

Two or three days before competition apply Pro Tan Competition Color. Individuals with light complex should apply it three days before competition. Dark complexion should apply Pro Tan Competition Color two days before. After initial application dry quickly with hairdryer. After that re-apply and re-dry again with hairdryer. Next morning rinse off body and reapply it again. That evening re-apply it again. On contest day rinse off your body lightly.

On contest day you will use the following products: One Coat, Quick Bronze, Ultra Bronze after your morning shower. Quick bronze will rub off on any clothes it comes in contact with so be careful.

Before prejudging you will want to use Hot Stuff, Muscle Juice, Muscle Sheen, Bikini Bite

Muscle sheen is good for pre-judging and muscle juice should be for the night show because of the look it gives off. Hot stuff gives the look of improved vascularity so use after pumping up. Bikini bite keeps your posing suit from moving around or slipping.

If you are still having trouble getting a good base tan, you may have to use a tanning bed starting 2 weeks out or using a sunless tanning lotion.

Greg Valentino in TLC Steroid Special

TLC ran a special on Steroids a couple years ago, that had Greg Valentino as their main guest. The program was based on sensationalism, mainly on the part due to Greg Valentino. Let’s talk about the man Greg Valentino. He used to be a respected bodybuilder, as you can see in this before picture.

Greg Valentino Before

Then he started injecting synthol oil into his muscles to get this ridiculous look like this:

Greg Valentino After

Synthol is an oil you inject to make your muscles grow unnaturally large. It stretches the fascia tissue to allow your muscles to get bigger but it also leaves oil in your arms. Your muscles look lumpy, soft, and unnatural. Some pro-bodybuilders use it in small amounts. You can read more about it in another article: Site enhancement oil

Greg Valentino took it to the next level and became a walking oil lumpy mass. Valentino got an huge abcess from it, that he drained himself!

Greg Valentino abcess

Valentino has become a joke in the bodybuilding community and his mouth has gotten him into a lot of trouble. The TLC special along with the help of Greg Valentino made it seem like the abcess was caused from just regular steroid use. What they didn't tell you was that he was injecting massive amounts of oil and that abcesses like this are not a result of steroids, but of not proper injecting and not taking care of your infection. Injecting oil into your muscles for site enhancement is not the same thing as injecting steroids. Abcesses can happen, but you certainly don't wait till your arm is about to fall off like Valentino did!

Greg Valentino has a big mouth and will say and do anything to get attention. In the TLC steroid special he certainly didn't do anything to help stop spread the myths against steroid use. He made it seem like steroid dealers are like crack dealers. Greg Valentino just wanted to make a buck off the special, so fed them the kind of stuff the ignorant masses would believe about steroid use. Greg Valentino will always be the biggest joke among real bodybuilders.

Bodybuilding and MMA

Often bodybuilders or MMA are also interested in the same goals. Both like to be fit, strong, and active. Many have asked if you are into MMA seriously, will bodybuilding routines help or hurt them in MMA?

One dilemma is that size is important in MMA, but too much size is a limiting factor to those in MMA. In bodybuilding the usual goal is, the more muscle mass the better. There is also the common belief of being "muscle bound" where large muscles will not give you the ability to fight effectively.

In actuality, resistance training will only improve your speed. It is a fact, that the bigger you are the stronger you will be. The stronger you are, the faster you can do quick movements against your opponent. Sure you might lose a little flexibility, but the gains of strength and quickness should far outweigh that.

One might be tempted to change to a powerlifting routine, to improve strength and speed instead of worrying about size. Keep in mind that building up more muscle with bodybuilding instead, will give you more leverage in your fights, since you will weigh more. The downside of course, is you won't be as strong as if you focused on more strength as a powerlifter.

In conclusion, building up size and strength through bodybuilding or powerlifting, are both beneficial in different ways, for improving your MMA performance. Powerlifting and bodybuilding both increase muscle and strength, just with different focus, so it is more of a preference of what you enjoy most.

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