CKD (Cyclic Keto Diet)

July 29th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Unlike the traditional Keto diet made for sedentary individuals, CKD is a Keto diet designed for active people, such as bodybuilders.

What is the CKD diet?

CKD stands for Cyclic Keto Diet. Once a week, you will load up your muscle glycogen through carb refeed days. This will help your body to have the energy and glycogen stores, to handle a excercise regimen during the week.

CKD Diet Guide:

One day a week you will pick a high carbohydrate day. If you have a weekday weight training split, then you will start your carb day beginning on friday, after your last workout. During this 24 hour phase you should have 10-12 grams of carbs per kilogram of lean mass. The carb loading phase will end about 24 hours later on saturday night. This will allow your muscle glycogen stores to refill (load). The rest of the week you will maintain very low carbohydrates in your diet.

On this carb loading day you can have cheat meals. Don't go completely overboard, but feel free to have that dessert you been craving all week. You should continue to lift heavy and not fall into the high rep myth for fat loss. The rest of the week, you will be very low carb days following the traditional keto diet.