July 11th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Clomid like Nolvadex, is both a antagonist or agonist of Estrogen. Depending on the tissue, Clomid can act like an estrogen or block it’s effects.

Clomid & Bodybuilding:

Clomid is most effective in bringing up natural testosterone production after a Steroid cycle. It also has the ability to help against excessive estrogen during a cycle, however, for that Nolvadex is the preferred option. Clomid will also help reduce muscle tissue damage during excercise, improve blood cholesterol. Due to it’s estrogenic effects on the brain, it may give men a more “emotional” or “PMS” mental state.

Clomid effect muscle gains?

Bodybuilders often fear taking clomid during a cycle because they fear reducing estrogen will interfere with their muscle gains. This is a valid point, since estrogen does play a role in muscle gains.

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