Diabetes Caused by Types of Carbohydrates Eaten

August 28th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

When thinking of diabetes , most people think that while what kind of carbs you eat is important, that large amounts can also be equally as bad as leading to diabetes. In other words, if you eat a ton of lower glycemic indexed carbs, that is almost or just as bad as eating a low amount of high glycemic carbs. However, according to recent research says, it seems to be wrong. It’s not so how much carbohydrates you eat that causes type 2 diabetes, but more importantly what kind.

A study done by Havard medical school researchers took data over 25 years of studies. The results showed that fat and protein were not correlated with type 2 diabetes. However, simple carbohydrates had high correlations and corn syrup had a .84 correlation. 1 is the strongest correlation you can have between cause and effect. Other "low glycemic" carbohydrates had low correlation between diabetes.