Does Calcium Pyruvate Work?

September 5th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Calcium Pyruvate supplements have never really gained much popularity among the bodybuilding community for fat loss. Is Calcium pyruvate a valid fat loss agent or just another junk supplement?

There have been multiple studies done on Calcium Pyruvate and most have shown good results. The dosages were between 6g to as high as 40 grams in some studies. Keep in mind that 30g and more often leads to digestive problems. The problem with pyruvate is not that it doesn't work, but it's impractical. It requires a high dosage that can get expensive and inconvenient to take. You also have to worry about the digestive side effects when trying to get a very high dosage. There is plenty of other supplements out there that are proven to effectively aid in fat loss, without the problems of Calcium Pyruvate. Save your money.