Does Growth Hormone (HGH) Work?

September 10th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Bodybuilders today are now starting to inject growth hormone at an increased rate. The media also is reporting sports athletes using it as a way to get beyond steroid tests. Most bodybuilders know that growth hormone, isn’t so much of a mass builder as it is for burning fat. But they do believe it has some performance and muscle gaining benefit or else they wouldn't be spending thousands of dollars for it. But Does growth hormone really help gain muscle and strength for bodybuilders? And is it really the holy grail for middle aged people looking for the fountain of youth?

Growth Hormone increase skeletal muscle or organ weight?

The most recent study was done in March of 2008, where they analyzed 27 studies previous studies together. When they analyzed them, there was a increase in lean muscle mass, but usually no increase in strength in the legs and arms. There was even an increase in fatigue. This is contradiction to the commony belief that HGH not only builds lean muscle, but it increases performance.

In many past studies where growth hormone shows a positive benefit on lean muscle in older individuals, what the researchers don't tell you is that lean muscle can be anything other than fat, such as bones, water, and organs. Everyone is aware that growth hormone causes organ growth (GH gut for example). Is it possible that this growth is purely organ growth and not actual muscle growth? I think the research points to that idea.

Two studies published by fitforlife not only showed no performance benefit, but no gains in muscle. Two seperate studies done on HIV patients(note: not AIDS) took 9 and 12mgs of growth hormone per day for 12 weeks. They had no gain in skeletal muscle. If it can't help HIV individuals, who could growth hormone help?

Another study was done on a younger group of healthy experienced athletes only aged 22-23. They took 2.87 mgs of Growth hormone a day. They actually did gain about a 4% in lean muscle weight. So is this proof it works? Of course not, 4% could easily be explained as organ growth, especially considering all the studies showing there is no positive effect on performance or muscle increase.

Does Growth Hormone work for anti-aging?

There is no scientific evidence that growth hormone injections cause a longer life. In fact there are studies that show that people with higher levels of HGH in the body tend to live shorter lives.

Growth hormone may increase the quality of your life however, in making you look and feel younger. Growth hormone replacement therapy doesn't seem to have a beneficial effect on increasing actual skeletal muscle or strength either in older individuals. There have been many studies, where there was no noticeable strength increase in older individuals supplementing with GH.

Does growth hormone help lose fat?

There seems to be more evidence that growth hormone promotes fat loss than there is for it increasing muscle or athletic performance. Research results vary and some studies find no fat burning effects. The fat loss results are often within the scope of statistical significance and may even be explained(my theory), as a result of organ growth increasing the metabolism of the body. No scientific authority has yet to say as a result of all the studies done over the years, whether growth hormone in fact does definitely help lose significant amounts of fat.

Growth hormone injections a waste of money?

I cannot say definitely that HGH doesn't work because most of the studies use smaller doses than many bodybuilders would use. However, there is no real evidence that HGH helps increase real muscle or strength at this time. Some bodybuilders believe that supplementing testosterone with growth hormone, will have a synergistic effect that increases growth hormones anabolic and performance benefit. However, there is no research at this time studies this combination. I'm sure it is something that will be researched soon, since HGH is now getting under more scrutiny in congress.

In older individuals looking for the fountain of youth, growth hormone may have positive effects on your appearance and mood. Users of growth hormone often appear younger also, due to it's effect on tissue growth. However, there may be long term health effects to growth hormone replacement therapy, so I don't recommend it for that purpose. You may want to read a older article I wrote on the Effects of HGH on the Body

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