Does Hydroxy-Citric Acid Work for Fat Loss?

September 4th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Many fat loss supplements today contain Hydroxy-citric acid, which is derived from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit. What does scientific research say about it though? The most reputable study I found showed that there was a 50% reduction in fat between the placebo group and those supplementing with Hydroxy-citric Acid while both are on a low calorie diet. Researchers also concluded that there was no appetite suppression. One theory they said was that it may be due to hepatic lipogenesis, in other words keeping the liver from synthesizing free fatty acids in the blood into fat stores. This means that HCA has a inherent powerful effect on fat loss in the body.

Hydroxy-citric Acid Increase Endurance?

There is evidence according to one study that Hydroxy-citric acid may also increase athletic endurance. According to research, inhibiting the citrate lyase enzyme increases endurance. The mechanism that Hydroxy-citric acid works by is to inhibit this enzyme. Low calorie diets seem to also enhance the fat loss effect. This is great news for bodybuilders because it will make cardio easier for bodybuilders during fat loss cycles. It may also be good to try before a endurance athletic event to boost performance.