Drop Set Workout

August 8th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Drop sets are one of the most grueling weight training excercises you can do. If you are looking to shock a muscle into new growth, this may just be the solution!

What are drop sets?

Do one set to muscular failure then as quick as you can, lower the weight and do another set to muscular failure, then quickly lower that weight and do another set to failure. This is repeated for multiple sets in a row.

Drop Set training Routine:

Start with your normal compound excercise, such as bench press. Do a couple sets in the medium rep range, preferably in the 10 to 15 rep range. After the second regular set, you quickly strip off a few lbs and do the drop set. You will continue to do drop sets in rapid succession by lowering the weight each set. You should aim for about 5 drop sets (7 sets in total) per excercise.

Drop sets & overtraining:

Routines based on drop sets can't be done long term. Your body will quickly adjust to it and you will hit another plateau. This should be used to shock a muscle part after a long plateau. Only use it on the bodyparts that are at a plateau. Save the routine for the other muscles, once they also reach a plateau.

  1. EASAR on June 27th, 2008

    Really Cool

  2. Ronnette on July 7th, 2009

    You have lost me when you said “after the second regular set”. Can you define what is a set and what is a rep? Please give example. If I understood you correctly, for example, if I am doing supersets (2 or 3) with chest press, chest machine fly, hammer pull, machine shoulder fly, machine triceps pressdown, and machine preacher curl at 15,12,10 drop sets, I would have to do each exercise (one at a time) in 15 rep range at 10 lbs each side, 12 rep range at 5 lbs each side, and no plates just bars at 10 rep range. Then I go to the next exercise, chest machine fly and do the same rep range. Am I doing this correctly? When do I rest?