Dumbell Only Workout Routine

April 11th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Sometimes you just can’t do your regular training routine with barbells or a powerrack or bench press. The reason may be that you can’t afford the equipment, have no room, no money to go to the gym, on vacation, etc. The only thing you will need in the workout below is dumbells. A workout bench or power cage or any other equipment is not needed!

Chest/Shoulder/Tricep day

1) If you have no bench with you, do Multiple sets of Pushups (wearing a backpack with a little bit of weight in it, feet elevated on a chair, and slow reps) or if you have a bench, do dumbell presses.

2) Chest Flyes

3) Lateral raises

4) Shoulder dumbell presses sitting

5) Chair Dips or Tricep extensions

Back Day

1) Bent over dumbell rows, one arm at a time.

2) Shrugs, one arm at a time.

3) Bicep curls sitting, one arm at a time.

Leg day

Squats dumbell (high reps)

Stiff legged keystone deadlifts dumbell (high reps)

  1. dylan on March 8th, 2011

    ok iv been working out for about a year now every other day or more. i have made some gains but nothing really significant. now im takeing creatine and whey protien and the creatine is not increasing my energy or pumps and i dont seem to be making any improvement. iv tried increasing the intesity and going heavy and nothing seems to work. what can i do? i have very limited weights. i only have 2 dumbells with only 40 pounds worth of weights and i hav a home made curl bar that i made with a water bag. i do calistethics and cardio. i just need to know where to go from here because i just seem to be stuck in nuetral.