Dynamic Tension Weight Training

August 18th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

This type of weight training was created by Charles Atlas, with his dynamic training course. Charles Atlas was a well known bodybuilder during the 1930’s to 50’s, with his infamous ads. The most memorable was the cartoon of a skinny guy getting sand kicked in his face.

What is dynamic tension weight training?

The dynamic training course by Atlas, is basically a calisthenics and isometric workout. You can easily create your own calisthenic workout routine using your bodyweight, without the need for a copy of his workouts.

Why do calisthenic?

It's much cheaper then spending hundreds on a home gym or gym membership. It is convenient because you can do these excercises anywhere.

Any disadvantages to calisthenics?

Dynamic tension training will not give you the same kind of workout as heavy free weight. While newbies can gain some muscle, you won't be able to get the heavy resistance needed to build maximum muscle. Dynamic training is best used only when going on long vacations or if your job requires you staying away a lot from home.

Calisthenic workout routine:

If you are new to bodybuilding, calisthenics can help you get accustomed to heavy lifting and ready for weight training. Charles atlas routine is pretty basic calisthenics routine. If you feel the need to use calisthenitics while on vacation, you can make your excercises more difficult. Some things you can do to increase the intensity of bodyweight excercises are: Shorter rest times, elevating feet, slower reps, rest-paus reps, using one leg instead of two.