Effects of Testosterone on Fat Loss

September 7th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Most people know that testosterone is responsible for muscle gains and for sexual health. Testosterone is also a potent fat burner (anti-lipolytic). This is the reason why women and men with low testosterone levels have an easy time gaining fat.

How does testosterone reduce fat gain?

Testosterone, like all androgens, leads to higher density of adrenoreceptors in the fat cells causing fat loss. Testosterone like all steroids, also helps block the cortiscosteroid receptors for the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone which promotes muscle wasting. Testosterone has many other complex actions on the body on the cellular level. It also works synergistically with other hormones in the body, such as growth hormone, to help promote fat loss. Testosterone also converts to estrogen and DHT, both of which also have anti-lipolytic properties to them.

Testosterone causes fat loss or just prevent fat gain?

We have used the term "fat loss" liberally. Testosterone doesn't inherently cause fat burning, nor does any steroid for that matter. What really happens is it helps protect against fat synthesis( fat gain). Either way of looking at it, they both give the same ultimate result in the end, which is loss of fat.

  1. iman on August 25th, 2009

    does testosterone help lose fat around the waist(love handles)
    any extra effect when stacked with winstrol?