GH Guts

October 9th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

In the last 10 years “GH Guts” have become common among the elite bodybuilders. Nicknamed because they are suspected the result of growth hormoneThey are distended bellys even when the person is ripped at a very low bf%.

The first person to sport a GH gut was Dorian Yates, 7 time Mr. Olympia winner during the 90’s. Here is a picture of him in a pose where you can get a good look of the distension.

Dorian Yates GH Gut

Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates successor for the Olympia crown, even had a more pronounced GH gut.

Ronnie Coleman GH Gut

Jay Cutler, the current Mr. Olympia, also has a GH gut you can see from this angle.

Jay Cutler GH Gut

Greg Kovacs pictured below, has been long known for his assymetrical body, dominated by his GH Gut.

Greg Kovacs

What causes a GH Gut?

Some bodybuilders have tried to say it was due to excessive eating, from their extremley high calorie diet. This wouldn’t explain why they have it even during contest time, with lower water retention and food intake. Although it's named GH gut, it may be caused by other drugs instead of GH (growth hormone).

Some believe it is due to the IGF-1 and insulin drug use or a combination of IGF-1 and Growth hormone. This argument is based on some research of IGF-1 and increased receptors in the internal organs. It seems that the extra mass that the mass monsters of Dorian yates and after him, have increased size more than ever, but at the cost of getting a GH gut.