Greg Valentino in TLC Steroid Special

June 20th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

TLC ran a special on Steroids a couple years ago, that had Greg Valentino as their main guest. The program was based on sensationalism, mainly on the part due to Greg Valentino. Let’s talk about the man Greg Valentino. He used to be a respected bodybuilder, as you can see in this before picture.

Greg Valentino Before

Then he started injecting synthol oil into his muscles to get this ridiculous look like this:

Greg Valentino After

Synthol is an oil you inject to make your muscles grow unnaturally large. It stretches the fascia tissue to allow your muscles to get bigger but it also leaves oil in your arms. Your muscles look lumpy, soft, and unnatural. Some pro-bodybuilders use it in small amounts. You can read more about it in another article: Site enhancement oil

Greg Valentino took it to the next level and became a walking oil lumpy mass. Valentino got an huge abcess from it, that he drained himself!

Greg Valentino abcess

Valentino has become a joke in the bodybuilding community and his mouth has gotten him into a lot of trouble. The TLC special along with the help of Greg Valentino made it seem like the abcess was caused from just regular steroid use. What they didn't tell you was that he was injecting massive amounts of oil and that abcesses like this are not a result of steroids, but of not proper injecting and not taking care of your infection. Injecting oil into your muscles for site enhancement is not the same thing as injecting steroids. Abcesses can happen, but you certainly don't wait till your arm is about to fall off like Valentino did!

Greg Valentino has a big mouth and will say and do anything to get attention. In the TLC steroid special he certainly didn't do anything to help stop spread the myths against steroid use. He made it seem like steroid dealers are like crack dealers. Greg Valentino just wanted to make a buck off the special, so fed them the kind of stuff the ignorant masses would believe about steroid use. Greg Valentino will always be the biggest joke among real bodybuilders.

  1. wes r taylor on December 27th, 2008

    i actually like greg valentino. lets see anyone break his record. i watched ‘Bigger Stronger Faster’ a film written by Chris Bell and Greg talks about how his looks nowofdays is crazy compared to hid body building days. he liked his appearence back then as of today. well i would like to try to see someone else break that record cause that guy has got a lot balls and i think he also knows we only live once.

  2. ernesto sillas on February 5th, 2009

    you guys are stupid defending someone who uses and abuses steroids. It’s a drog enhancement fools. If you can do it naturally, you are to be praised. Most if not all users always end up having heart problems. The problem is not that you guys use them, we could care less what you do to your body. The problem is when young athletes think that they are safe and they are not. They WILL always have after effects, you might be huge but rotten inside, heart failing. If you want to get big, do it the natural way, some supplements, eating right and working out right like a monster, don’t cheat. The easy route always turns out to be harder in the long run.

  3. akatzin on January 5th, 2010

    that shitsnat is nasty as yoo mamaz face… ooo burn biach

  4. balls on April 1st, 2010

    you guys are all stupid just dont do drugs and you’ll be fine

  5. Dave on May 5th, 2010

    Roid-heads pretending the side effects aren’t there. Keep on tryin’ there. I guess it makes you all feel better for not getting better test scores and having a real career. Hah!

  6. Chet on August 13th, 2010

    Contrary to popular, aka ignorant, belief, moderate amounts of certain anabolics and androgenics can actually be beneficial and assist with long term quality gains. Dopes like Gregg Valentino give steroids a bad name. His freakish arm appearnace and subsequent problems were not a result of steroids but of the overuse of the enhancement oil injections as reported in this article. People like myself have used various roids responsibly over the years and have had good health (confirmed with blood tests that show healthy cholesterol, lipid levels, etc). Posters such as the above named “Ernesto Sillas” continue to feed the masses incorrect information. My bet is that “Earnesto” is paid by someone to feed his unsound and inaccurate garbage to others. It’s all about money. Uncle Sam does not us getting bigger, stronger and faster if they don’t have complete control of the situation.

  7. OohAhhAhh on September 6th, 2010

    Well it’s a shame really that many have resorted to using steroids negating any benefits that one would have had by training naturally with protein supplementation. There’s also a problem with people judging merely on size when it comes to bodybuilding rather than the hard work, it’s unfortunate that some people are not put on an equal playing field i.e all being born w/ equal abilities- some have to work harder than others to get where they are. This is still not an excuse to use steroids, do your training naturally, make it a life long habbit for life long health 🙂 You might not be as big as a 30 year old builder by the time you’re 60, but you’ll still be stronger, faster and better looking than others of your age.

  8. kodiakKing on September 30th, 2010

    about to start my first cycle of test gonna be siiiick cant wait

  9. steroizi on October 2nd, 2010

    this is very ugly for a bodybuilder … not looking good … but this made him famous

  10. terry d traynor on October 26th, 2010

    I can’t stand it when people speak on subjects they know so little about. If you choose to be a proverbial lemming, then by all means, do so with conviction. I encourage you to be passionate about how you feel, but conviction without credibility just comes across as ignorance. Unfortunately, experience isn’t simply to attained, thanks to “lemming”/TV influence. And a shockingly unsuccessful “American War on Drugs”,any research that would confirm information that isn’t heresay is illeagal. Suffice it to say, I highly doubt that any credible doctor would perscribe a cancer patient, a victim of muscular distrophy, or (most importantly)an HIV patient, with a product that causes heart problems in the mojority of it’s users. The implication alone is without merit.

  11. Mo on December 30th, 2010

    Ernesto go and earn some more esol and then talking abut ppl u dumb peace of shit so wat if he used steroids he still got the biggest biceps in the world and forever will have them and Greg valentino u the man bro and good work and if anyone talks shit just pop the emm and u my idle..

  12. Mark on January 3rd, 2011

    I know Greg..For years..He has always been JACKED.He worked out the hardest out of anybody..He wanted it more..He pushed it to the limit..Dont listen to it Greg!!!YOU DA MAN.BIG MAN OF WESTCHESTA

  13. eric adams on February 9th, 2011

    ernesto you idiot. whoever you think did it the hard way you are wrong. everyone you think hasn’t used steroid’s or hgh or test or something has. that doesn’t mean they don’t work hard. they just want the edge and if done right the risks are slim to nill. grow up.

  14. Matthew on February 21st, 2011

    ernesto, do alittle more research buddy. yea steriods can cause heart problems, so can just about any thing else now days. Young athletes think and know its “BAD” but they do it any ways. look at kids smoking pot and ciggarettes, there is nothing healthy looking about it but they fire them up everyday. Every person is responsible for their own choices and actions. You cant blame any1