Gyno Cure

July 9th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Gyno also crudely known as “man boobs” is a common occurence in men. It can be a very embarassing condition for men.

About Gyno:

Gyno is the abbreviation for gynemocastia. It is the development of breast tissue in men. It is usually felt as a hard lump, in various sizes depending on the severity of gyno.

Causes of Gyno:

Gyno is caused by high levels of estrogen in the male body. Some men are more susceptible to gyno then others. The most common causes of Gyno are puberty, obesity, and steroid use.

Gyno Cures:

Moderate to severe cases of gyno are incurable without surgery. Nolvadex is a prescription drug available, that has been proven in scientific studies to reduce or eliminate gyno lumps in some men. Nolvadex's normal prescription use is for woman with breast cancer, so some doctors are not aware of Nolvadex's action in helping to treat Gyno. Surgery is always an option, but costs thousands of dollars. Nolvadex is not a guarantee to work, but it is a cheaper alternative with a moderately high success rate.