HGH (Growth Hormone) Facts

April 21st, 2008 by Paul Johnson

It’s amazing how many bodybuilders and health enthusiasits are spending thousands of dollars a year to use HGH (also known as Growth hormone), when there is so little information on it's ability to build muscles and lose fat and on it's long term side effects.

HGH use became common in the hardcore bodybuilding circles, once it became established that many pro-bodybuilders used HGH together with anabolic steroids. Pro bodybuilders today are more muscular than decades ago, one reason is thought to be because of using HGH. But Pro bodybuilders may not even be more muscular because of HGH use. It could be because of other reasons, such as synthol use, stronger steroid doses, different diets or training, or even from other growth factor drugs like insulin and IGF-1.

Whether or not HGH has actually been the reason that pro-bodybuilders are bigger now, their HGH and IGF-1 use has led to them losing that V-shape proportion they once all had. It is a scientific fat that HGH grows internal organs. When bodybuilders at a 3% bodyfat have a GH gut, it has to be due to organ growth inside the midsection from either HGH or other injected growth factors, like IGF-1 or Insulin.

Does HGH actually build muscle and lose fat?

Most of the research studies on HGH, use doses lower than what most bodybuilders use. They also don't use HGH combined with steroids, which many bodybuilders believe is important to maximizing the muscle building effect of HGH. Regardless of the faults in the studies, there is an interesting trend among all the research studies so far. Results usually show lean gains, but usually with no strength or performance enhancing benefit.

How can you gain lean muscle with no strength gains?

The fact is you can't. More muscle always makes you stronger. Each pound of muscle has the same amount of strength. If these people in these studies are gaining lean mass, but not getting stronger, than they are not gaining lean muscle, but some other kind of lean mass. Period. Remember, lean mass can be anything besides fat such as; bones, water bloat, cartilidge, and organs. I believe in one study HGH use showed excessive water retention. In these short term studies, water bloat and some organ growth probably accounts for most if not all the lean gains.

For some reason in bodybuilding circles, many assume HGH builds muscles, but there is no proof, except from reading other bodybuilders' ancedotal evidence. As stated earlier, just because pro bodybuilders are bigger doesn't necessarily mean it's from HGH alone.
Adding the fact that HGH can cause internal organ growth, is unsafe, and very expensive, I see no need to ever use or recommend HGH. If HGH has any use for bodybuilders, HGH probably is best for losing fat. The studies are a little more contradicting on whether it helps people lose fat. Even if HGH helps lose fat, HGH is one expensive fat loss drug!

Does HGH cause "GH gut"?

HGH and IGF-1 and Insulin are thought to be possible causes of GH gut. Some bodybuilders have tried to argue, HGH doesn't cause GH gut seen in some pro-bodybuilders and its actually due to Insulin and IGF-1 or a combination of HGH and these drugs. This theory is based on some research for receptors on the intenstines.

Is using HGH unhealthy?

You may have heard of many health or alternative medicine enthusiasts recommend GH for middle aged people. There is no proof that HGH actually leads to a longer more quality life, just because it makes you look younger. In fact, many studies have shown negative health effects from HGH use. HGH has pretty potent side effects on organs and the body and it's abuse is probably more harmful than steroid abuse.

The ongoing HGH debate

Admittedly, there just isn't a whole lot we know about HGH. Bodybuilders are eager to make it into some magic muscle building drug because they are overly optimistic. Doctors are ready to discount HGH like they did with steroids years ago, before they had all the evidence on whether or not it worked. About the only thing we know for sure, is that pro-bodybuilders use it commonly and that many middle aged people use it to look younger.