How to increase natural growth hormone (HGH) levels

April 2nd, 2008 by Paul Johnson

HGH (human growth hormone) together with testosterone, plays a crucial muscle building role as a bodybuilder. It’s been a long debate in the bodybuilding and scientific community though, on how much growth hormone plays a direct role by itself in muscle building. I haven't found any convincing bodies of research that shows growth hormone levels are directly correlated with muscle building, but there are studies that may point to it as a direct fat burner. So unless some new research comes out, worrying about how you can increase your growth hormone levels naturally in the body, isn't likely to help build bigger muscles. However, it may help aid you in fat loss and bulking with more "clean gains".

Below are some tips I've compiled over the years based on my research.

Ways to increase your natural HGH (Growth hormone) levels

No carbs before bed. The biggest releases of growth hormone by your body are in the first couple hours of sleep. High insulin levels will blunt growth hormone production. It is recommended to not have any carbohydrates before bed.

High Reps. During weight training studies have shown that growth hormone is released. During major lactic acid buildup, like with high reps done fast to get a "burn", seem to cause the largest growth hormone spike. This has led to some bodybuilding programs promoting a high rep "burnout set" or superset, immediately after a workout set.

Supplements / Prescription drugs. There are many growth hormone supplement scams that it is hard to find the good ones. The amino acid Glutamine, commonly taken by bodybuilders for other reasons has been shown to increase growth hormone levels in blood by a large percentage. GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) another amino acid, also has been shown to do the same. Bodybuilders used to take GHB because it helped release growth hormone, it was made illegal a few years ago as a serious drug. GABA and GHB are both inconvertible in the brain and the difference between GHB and the FDA legal supplement GABA, is that GHB can pass directly through the blood brain barrier. Most people underdose GABA, as it requires a few grams to get the growth hormone promoting effect.

Excercise regularly. Regular excercise helps maintain a healthy hormone balance, including Growth Hormone.

Avoid stress. The fastest way to kill growth hormone levels is with high cortisol levels. Cortisol and growth hormone levels have an inverse relationship, when one goes up the other goes down. People who have stressful lives, tend to have long term higher levels of cortisol, which means lower growth hormone levels.

Get a good consistent quality sleep. Not getting adequate quality sleep or constantly changing your sleep schedule, will lead to higher cortisol levels long term and less Growth Hormone produced during sleep.

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