Liver Tablets Review

May 22nd, 2008 by Paul Johnson

Liver tablets were a common supplement among bodybuilders years ago, before they had all the fancy bodybuilding supplements they have today like; creatine, NO supplements, beta-alanine, anti-estrogens, etc. It’s harder to convince bodybuilders they need to spend extra money for something naturally derived from a liver.

What are liver tablets?

Liver tablets are all the nutrients derived from a liver, in a highly concentrated tablet. It would be a lot costlier to eat the liver for the nutrients, than to get it in pill form. Liver tablets contain the full spectrum of important vitamins and minerals, probably not enough to replace your multi-vitamin though. They are also rich in essential amino acids, so are great for pre-workout. One unique thing is they contain nucleic acids, which are precursors to ADP which is then a precursor to ATP, the main energy currency in the cell. Cytochrome P-450 which is important in muscular endurance is also naturally in liver tablets. There are also some natural growth factors contained in liver tablets. Unfortunately, Liver tablets also have a lot of iron in them, which is not good for men.


Liver tabletsare a great blend of important compounds to work synergistcally, for general health and to support muscle building. It will cost you about the same as a moderate priced multi-vitamin. The one thing I don't like about liver tablets is the high iron they naturally contain, but as long as your multi-vitamin doesn't have any iron in it, it should be OK to supplement together.