Low Carb dieting: Best for Fat Loss?

July 28th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Low Carb dietinghas become a recent dieting fad, in the mainstream it’s the Atkins diet and among bodybuilders, Keto and TKD.

Low Carb diet Controversy:

Not everyone agrees that Low Carb diet is beneficial. We will go through the major physiological reasons for this belief:

Gloycogen Stores: The lack of carbs will reduce your glycogen stores. This means your muscles will look flat. It will also effect your energy for your workouts and your recovery time. This could all lead to more susceptibility to overtraining and muscle wasting.

Testosterone: Low carb diets are often promoted as increasing testosterone levels. However long term insulin levels also promote higher SHBG levels, a protein that binds to testosterone to "deactivate" it. Therefore, they are really not giving you the full story and low carb diets actually decrease the bioactive form of testosterone, called free testosterone.

Insulin Sensitivity: Many tout that low carb diets promote insulin sensitivity. However, over time as your body stays on a low carb diet, your metabolism becomes less efficient at processing carbohydrates. This actually leads to insulin tolerance long term. The lower testosterone levels as a result of low carb diets also helps promote insulin tolerance. Insulin tolerance long term promotes fat gain, muscle loss, and increased risk of diabetes.

Is Low carb diet ever a good idea?

Yes. Extreme endomorphs should definitely use low carb dieting. The cons are outweighed by the diet's very effective fat loss. Most other bodytypes can do effective fat loss without low carb diets. However, as you can see by the negative impact on hormones, low carb diets should not be used as a long term diet solution.

  1. Marcel on August 22nd, 2007

    I made already twice a Low Carb DiƤt, the first break off because i had problems. Second I set not so radically and worked then very well.