MuscleNow Review

June 9th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Musclenow is a muscle building program by Francesco Castano. I bought the Musclenow program a while back, when the sales page garnered my curiosity. This is another one of those bodybuilding e-books that promises you all the secrets of getting huge. Musclenow is often asked by bodybuilding newbies in the forums desperate for the “magic” routine.

Before and after picture of Francesco Castano

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He claims the first picture was taken when he was 15 and in the 2nd, after he bulked up and got fat. Now anyone who is a real skinny hardgainer (speaking from experience), would not be able to bulk up to that very large size of muscle(and fat) at the age of about 20, if you were a real natural hardgainer.

If you look closely in the before picture, it looks like he hasn't even started puberty. The picture may have been when he was 12. Lots of people when they are young are skinny because they dont eat and are very active. I think Francesco should have used a picture of himself when he was a little bit older, to give his transformation better credibility. Regardless, Francesco has acheived a body that few have done.

Musclenow book overview:

The book is 105 pages long and written in a pretty straightforward manner. The book covers both muscle building and fat loss. Francesco gives well rounded advice on how to structure a workout and what excercises to do. He also tells you how to get through plateaus by cycling workouts. His nutritional and diet sections are thorough and includes sample meal plans you can follow. I like how he doesn't over emphasize supplements, like some other programs. Many other programs say that supplements are necessary for effective muscle building, even though most bodybuilding supplements are junk. His also includes workout logs, where you can record your workouts, which makes progress easy to track. The program also throws in some other great stuff, including lifetime email support from Francesco Casteno and access to his private discussion forum.

Do you recommend Musclenow Program?

No, its over priced and nothing special. There is much better programs out there for the price. I recommend Anthony Ellis Program instead. You can read my full review Anthony Ellis Workout Program Review

  1. Alfian on June 20th, 2007

    Hi there 🙂 First and foremost, thanks for letting me comment here.

    I’d like to clarify the MuscleNow program, and the author’s intention.
    I’ve actually been emailing him since 1998. When I wasn’t even a customer. He replied to each and every one of my emails! I am sure it wasn’t a web-robot or automatic program… 🙂

    He’s not a marketing guru, nor is he a fitness trainer. He’s just an average Joe who tried and error-ed with supplements, training and diet 🙂 So, maybe that’s why some of his marketing strategies might not be up to par… or sound ‘pitchy’ 🙂 If you goto the website at, you can see this clearly… It sounds honest… and sincere. Of course there’re a few places here and there where he’s promoting his product…. hey, it’s his business… that;s the reason the website’s there in the first place 🙂

    I have the book. A non-updated version… but still… it worked for me 🙂
    My plan was to lose FAT and to build some muscle. I managed to get both 🙂 And without much supplement and no drugs. Just natural food and the exercise program outlined in the book (ok… I did use protein powder a bit.. but just for convenience purposes…. other than that… none!)
    It worked… all you need is… discipline and determination.

    In all.. I’d reccommend the book… It is quite expensive, I agree. But it stands out from the other products in terms of lifetime support by the author (and I think now his family has come into the fray)….
    Not to say that it’s the BEST! But its definitely one of the distinguished ones 🙂

    In all… you can try Musclenow for 90 days… and then if you dont like it… money back gurantee will ‘save’ you 🙂

    Okie dokie. thanks 🙂


  2. Admin on June 23rd, 2007

    Thanks for your response Alfian. You make some interesting points. I appreciate it.

  3. Joe Steadman on August 28th, 2008

    Francesco Castano is very transparent and a good honest guy. I don’t regret buying his program and recommend it for all beginners who are having trouble building muscle. It’s the best 200 bucks I ever spent. 🙂

  4. Alfons on August 24th, 2009

    Hi. The book is now close to US200 I think. But from the website musclenow DOT com … I see that there are many testimonials…
    seems genuine…

    but anyhow… hope its good, cuz i know a few people whod like to buy it and give it a go.

    -All for natural bodybuilding-

  5. pato on August 25th, 2009

    anyone can give me this ebook please??? I can’t get it.

  6. Jeff on March 25th, 2011

    This guy is a ripoff. 100 dollars for stuff you can learn off of basic bodybuilding forums. Besides he is obviously roided up with his veins popping and huge traps. Classic steroid signs. Also his picture of him scrawny is when he was like 13 before he even hit puberty. You can see when he got a little older he put on mass easily and was a classic endomorph. He is not a true hardgainer.