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May 16th, 2008 by Paul Johnson

Francesco Castano is the author of the muscle building program MuscleNow at MuscleNow program teaches you the secrets Francesco Castano has learned to building muscle mass and losing fat.

Introduction to Francesco Castano:

Here is a couple pictures of current pictures of Francesco:

Francesco Castano Current Picture

Francesco Castano Ripped

Francesco Casteno is a natural bodybuilder from Lancaster Pennyslvania USA. He claims he wasn't born genetically gifted and was skinny, who struggled for years to learn how to gain weight and build muscle right. When he finally gained weight he gained a ton of fat with it. It wasn't until he learned how to build muscle and lose fat right, that he could be big and ripped and not a bloated fat mess. Below is his transformation picture when he was a skinny kid at 15, in the middle after ballooning to 250 lbs with a lot of fat gain towards the end of high school, and the last picture he is ripped and muscular today. His story doesn't seem to add up with his pictures. He seems to have good muscle building genetics and the before picture was taken when he was really young. That hurts the credibility of the entire program from the start. However, that automatically doesn't mean what he says in the program is exactly bad advice either.

Francesco Castano Picture Program Overview

Musclenow E-book

Musclenow book is 105 pages covering all you need to know about how to build up muscle mass and weight to losing fat. The program can help you no matter if you are fat and need to lose fat or skinny or muscular and need to know how to gain weight and muscle effectively. He teaches you how to setup your workout routine for maximum muscle gain and to help avoid plateaus in progress by cycling workouts. Francesco believes you should be progressing every week or easing off your training in preparation for the next phase of muscle building. He will also show you how to setup your diet and make it easy to follow it to a T, off one of his sample meal plans. Francesco doesn't emphasize supplements too much and focuses more on diet and workout, which really counts for results anyways.


Save your money. The program is eye popping 200 dollars! This guy's program is OK, but nothing to warrant the exuberant price. His story is questionable and his muscle gains are more attributable to great genetics I think then anything he says in the program that puts it above any other programs.

  1. Big Joe on November 6th, 2008

    This guy is obviously on steroids. Look at the natural base he had. He looks pretty developed under that layer of flab in his “before picture”.

  2. Alfian on January 5th, 2009

    Hi there. For all of you who are considering buying (or even looking at the website) MuscleNow… I really2 recommend it. I bought it way back in 1998… Procrastinated until 2003 😛 But when I finally used it, the results were superb! I used it for Fat Loss, but I gained definition and some muscle also (good thing, cuz I was on a fat loss regime).

    Anyway, it’s a very2 honest program. Not to mention the honest author. I’ve been emailing the author (Francesco Castano) since 1998… and he hasn’t even once… not replied to my emails. A very2 good and honest man.

    Go to the website at , and read thru. The design ain’t that aestheticaly pleasing though 😛 But the content is great 🙂 So, go and take a look.

    Alfian (from Malaysia)

  3. Brian Snow on February 18th, 2009

    Sure the program is pricey, but it is an excellent program and where else are you going to be able to email the author for life. Bodybuilding is pretty complex so I find his email support very important for me.