Muscly Jerk Review

May 17th, 2008 by Paul Johnson

Muscly Jerk E-book

The Muscly Jerk muscle building program was written by an unknown author at . He plays on the same cocky arrogant style of humour as Musclehead Program and Rich Jerk e-book. The book is meant to take the popularity of Rich Jerk e-book was to affiliate marketing and write one for bodybuilding. The author's real identity is actually known, he is a clever affiliate marketer who says he wrote it after inspiration from Rich Jerk and because he had an interest in bodybuilding. He has since sold the book to a new owner after making a few thousand.

Muscly Jerk Program Overview

The book The Muscle Jerk Guide, Workout, and Nutriton Plans is the main component of the program. The book covers all the basics from how to setup a sensible routine and diet, to how to perform ecercises. The only problem about the book is its only 25 pages. You could get more information just by surfing the net for a few hours. It became very clear this guy did in fact know little about the complexities of diets and workouts and was quickly thrown together for profit. Muscle Jerk program also throws in 3 other e-book bonuses to try and help with your love life, Some of this stuff is similar to some other "player" sites on the net. I actually think these bonus e-books were better than the main muscle guide book.


The program is 37 dollars, but it's a waste unless you want to read something humorous and if your a total dork with women, you might actually find the other e-books on women a little helpful. There is a 8 week moneyback guarantee backed by, so there is no risk in buying it if you're curious.