No Bull Bodybuilding Program Review

May 13th, 2008 by Paul Johnson

Marc David is author of the No Bull Bodybuilding Program. Marc David is a proclaimed skinny hardgainer, who says he struggled to gain muscle from the age of 16 to 32. It wasn’t until Marc learned from natural bodybuilders, that he went from 145 lbs to nearly 200 lbs in one year.

Here is his picture today.

Marc David picture

There is no before and after pictures of his transformation and gaining 70 lbs in one year, even if a lot of it is fat, sounds ridiculous to me. Marc David's story sounds far fetched, but I decided to buy the book anyways, to see what it contained.

Program Overview

The No Bull Bodybuilding book is written by a self-proclaimed hardgainer, but Marc David does a good job of covering everybody's goals. He covers muscle building and weight gain, fat loss, beginner and intermediate training, and even women's training. Marc's nutrition advice is OK, but he stresses low fat diets. I disagree with the ratios of fat he gives because good fats are very beneficial for increasing anabolic hormone levels like testosterone and is good for joints and health.

Marc David gives differen't workout routines based on if you are a beginner or intermediate. He also gives tips on how to avoid workout plateaus, which is important. Marc's supplement advice is pretty sound. He also does a good job of answering some common questions, new bodybuilders often have about training, nutrition, working out, and fat loss. Marc David also throws in some extra book bonuses and a few sample meal plans, which I found very useful. Overall, the book is a good overview of the basics of building muscle and losing fat and an easy read.

Do you recommend the No Bull Bodybuilding Program?

Yes, the program is worth the 39 dollars. It's a good price, but it's doesn't include as much as many of the more expensive programs. If you want someone to hold your hand and give you email author support, workout plans, diet plans, forums, etc than I would choose a different bodybuilding program. If you want all the basics to get you going in the right direction for a good price, then No Bull Bodybuilding is for you. THe program has a 6 week moneyback guarantee, backed by, so it's risk free to at least give it a try.

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  1. daniel havey on October 12th, 2008

    Marc David has been around many years and even has his own forum now. I bought his program because of his transparency and because it’s so cheap. I been very happy with his program so far.