July 11th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Nolvadex is commonly used among bodybuilders for a variety of reasons. Nolvadex acts as both a antagonist and agonist of Estrogen. In other words it either acts like a Estrogen or blocks against Estrogen. Depending on the tissue, is whether it will act like an antagonist or agonist. Nolvadex does not reduce estrogen levels in the body, instead it blocks the estrogen receptors.

Nolvadex and bodybuilding:

Nolvadex is used as an anti-estrogen to reduce estrogen during a steroid cycle thereby preventing excessive bloat and possible Gyno. Nolvadex helps prevent or cure people who are suffering from Gynecomastia ("gyno"). It has been shown in studies to help prevent or cure in some people gyno. It also can be used after a cycle to bring back natural test production, however Clomid is usually preferred by most bodybuilders.

Nolvadex effect muscle gains?

According to one study Nolvadex has a slight effect at lowering IGF-1 levels. This has caused many bodybuilders to suggest not using it during a steroid cycle. Another reason is the negatives on muscle gain reducing estrogen may cause.

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