OptimumAnabolics.com Program Review

June 8th, 2008 by Paul Johnson

Optimum Anabolics Muscle building program is written by Jeff Anderson “The Muscle Nerd”, a well known author of other bodybuilding books. He claims to always been genetically a hardgainer, who struggled to pack on muscle mass. Jeff Anderson believes not only strongly in the role of genetics in muscle building, but that you must force your bodies resistance against gaining muscle. Unlike other authors, Jeff doesn’t claim muscle building comes easy, but instead you have to work smart to fool your bodies elaborate system to gain muscle.

This is how Jeff Anderson (Muscle Nerd) looks now:

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Program Overview

The premise of Jeff Anderson program is forcing the body how to resist its normal tendency to not gain muscle. The main book The Optimum Anabolics Guide is 120 pages long. Jeff uses what he coins “8 Anabolic factors”, that someone must use simultaneously for maximum muscle building. Some of the factors include; how to cycle your diet and workouts, excercise selection and excercise frequency.

The most important Anabolic factor is what Jeff calls Hyper-Adaptive Cycling. Jeff believes that the reason people plateau is really because the body overadapts as a defense mechanism. He uses the theory of people re-bounding from weight loss to gain even more fat back than before, after they get off the diet. He then applies this principle for muscle building instead of fat loss. He will show you exactly how to trick the body into wanting to gain muscle after you have plateaued "Overadapted".

The workout routines are 5 days a week for about an hour each. He goes into very good detail and its not like other bodybuilding programs, that just simply change your workout routine to get through a plateau. You will have to read the book to fully understand how it works. Jeff also includes a thick 110 page workout routine workbook, with 24 weeks of routines you can follow. This is one of the largest workout books I have ever seen given in a program. There are some other valuable bonuses too, including one month to his online university where you can watch videos and online consultations.


I highly recommend this program, at it's current price of $39.95. Jeff Anderson has a unique sound system, that could help you finally get past plateaus and avoid them for good. What I like about Jeff Anderson, is that he isn't simply regurgitating the same old stuff from other bodybuilding authors. You can tell he researched things and developed his own system. It's not a bunch of pseduo science either, it makes perfect sense and he backs it up with supporting science. Jeff Anderson personally guarantees you will be satisfied, that he gives a full money back 12 week guarantee, supported by clickbank.com. Jeff Anderson's program is one of the cheaper muscle building programs, but the unique system and content in his book alone is worth the price, not counting all the workout book and the extra program bonuses he gives you.

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  1. Tanner S. on December 3rd, 2008

    I been using the program for 6 weeks and my strength has gone up dramatically and can visibly notice a difference in my muscles. I gained about 10 lbs of muscle so far. This is after being at a plateau for a month. I’m very happy with this program and recommend it to others.

  2. Ronnie on March 22nd, 2009

    I bought OptimumAnabolics many months ago and it’s an awesome program. Jeff is a down to earth guy and he has really built up a good reputation around the net. I’m surprised he sales it for so low of a price when all his competitors are charging like 100 dollars for their programs.