Pre-contest Bodybuilding Tan Guide

June 24th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

If you are light skinned your tanning for pre-contest in your fitness and bodybuilding competitions is of utmost importance. A tan can make a difference in very close judging.

This guide is centered around Pro-tan products since they are the best tanning products for bodybuilding competitors I believe.

First you will want to apply Buffed Pre-Tan Exfoliator to your body. This should be used before Pro Tan Competition Color so it can get maximum absorption to your skin.

Two or three days before competition apply Pro Tan Competition Color. Individuals with light complex should apply it three days before competition. Dark complexion should apply Pro Tan Competition Color two days before. After initial application dry quickly with hairdryer. After that re-apply and re-dry again with hairdryer. Next morning rinse off body and reapply it again. That evening re-apply it again. On contest day rinse off your body lightly.

On contest day you will use the following products: One Coat, Quick Bronze, Ultra Bronze after your morning shower. Quick bronze will rub off on any clothes it comes in contact with so be careful.

Before prejudging you will want to use Hot Stuff, Muscle Juice, Muscle Sheen, Bikini Bite

Muscle sheen is good for pre-judging and muscle juice should be for the night show because of the look it gives off. Hot stuff gives the look of improved vascularity so use after pumping up. Bikini bite keeps your posing suit from moving around or slipping.

If you are still having trouble getting a good base tan, you may have to use a tanning bed starting 2 weeks out or using a sunless tanning lotion.