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March 8th, 2008 by Paul Johnson

Sean Nalewanyj is author of the muscle building program at Sean Nalewanyj’s program is very popular, so I decided to buy it in order to review it. I purchased the Sean Nalewanyj program package for $77 dollars in January.

About Sean Nalewanyj

Before I talk about the program, I would first like to explain who is Sean Nalewanyj and how he created his program. Sean Nalewanyj was your typical skinny kid, who grew up being picked on and embarassed. He only weighed 125 lbs throughout his teens. Eventually, Sean Nalewanyj took matters into his own hands and radically changed his body from a scrawny loser to a brawny guy, that would make most people jealous.

Before and after pictures of Sean Nalewanyj

Here is picture of Sean Nalewanyj when he was in
his young teens and as you can see, he is your typical natural skinny hardgainer.

sean Nalewanyj before

This is Sean Nalewanyj now

sean Nalewanyj

Sean Nalewanyj was so happy with his results that he took what he learned and developed his own program. In 2006 and 2007, he has claimed to be the top selling muscle transformation program and been featured even in New York Times.

Sean Nalewanyj Book Overview

The beginning of the book explains in detail how Sean Nalewanyj struggled with his confidence being the skinny kid. It also tells you exactly why he decided to get into bodybuilding and how it changed his life. Sean Nalewanyj made this a highly inspirational section and a must read for others who went through these same experiences, like I did also when I was younger.

The other 9 chapters:

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - The Muscle-Building Philosophy
Chapter 3 - Structuring The Perfect Workout
Chapter 4 - Proper Muscle-Building Nutrition
Chapter 5 - Harnessing Your Inner Power
Chapter 6 - Supplementing For Massive Gains
Chapter 7 - Critical Feeding Times
Chapter 8 - Muscle-Building Myths Uncovered
Chapter 9 - Proper Rest & Recovery
Chapter 10 - Closing Words

Sean Nalewanyj will tell you exactly the rep range that is best for muscle building. He tells you in the supplement section exactly what supplements to avoid because they don't work. In the nutrition section, Sean Nalewanyj will tell you exactly what ratio of carbohydrates, fats, and protein you need for optimum muscle building. The workout section tells you exactly what kind of excercises are the best muscle mass builders and how you gear your workout around them. He also covers many other things including common sense tips, how to protect your joints and tendons from injuries, and bodybuilding myths. Sean Nalewanyj's book won't get you confused in a bunch of scientific mumbo jumbo. This book is for the novice who wants someone to give them everything they need to know to build muscle.

Sean Nalewnyj Program Package components

The program package also includes a workout plan guide on how to have 3 8 week cycles. He gives you also a logbook which means you can fill it out and take it with you while you workout. This makes it easy to track your progress for each week and develop good habits. He then gives you access to his private video database, where he performs 100 different weight lifting excercises. Sean Nalewanyj also includes 9 different meal plan examples based on calories, that he has used himself. This is great for making it easy to figure out nutritious meals that meet the daily protein and carbohydrate ratios based on calories.

The most unique part of the package is his personal training software. Basically it is a large database of common questions people have asked him. Just type in a question and it will match something in the database. This makes you feel like Sean Nalewanyj is in your own home helping you.

Final thoughts on Sean Nalewanyj Program

Would I recommend the Sean Nalewanyj Program to others? If you are skinny and don't know much about building muscle and are confused by everyones contradicting advice, then yes. It would save you a lot of time and hassle if you just bought his book and followed it to a T. Realize that Sean Nalewanyj's Program is geared for mostly those who don't know much about building muscle. His program is not magic and it will still take hard work and dedication on your part, to see the best muscle building results. Sean Nalewanyj does not have superior genetics, so he has proven himself the ability to overcome that and build dramatic muscle.

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  1. Tanner S. on January 14th, 2009

    Sean is totally transparent and his story has been verified by multiple sources. I agree with all of his workout advice and been following his program for 3 months with a lot of success.