Sexual Health Supplements

October 18th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Bodybuilders are active healthy people and most are in tune with supplementation. Although this topic is a bit off topic, I think it can be informative for many bodybuilders, especially since some of these supplements are commonly taken by bodybuilders already. I will go through some of the common sexual health supplements, and whether they work or not.

Tribulus: Tribulus has been touted as a testosterone booster and aphrodesiac. Research shows the testosterone booster claim unfounded, but it seems to be a valid aphrodesiac (libido booster). Read more about it in a previous article of mine Does Tribulus Terresteris Work?

Yohimbe: This is used by bodybuilders for fat loss, spot reduction, and sexual health. We have a previous article on Yohimbe.

Horny goat weed: This has been a common aphrodesiac supplement for many years. How much it helps for libido is debatable.

Arginine/ no2 supplements: Many bodybuilders take this for muscle gains, but arginine and no2 supplements should also result in increased blood flow to the penis. Research has shown that no2/arginine supplementation will actually not help, with neither muscle building or sexual health. You can read more about this in a previous article of ours: Do no2 supplements increase muscle gains?