Site Enhancement Oil

September 22nd, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Site enhancement oil (also known for short SEO) has become more common use among the hardcore group of bodybuilders. Many pro-bodybuilders are now also using it in limited quantites. How do SEOs cause muscle gain and is it dangerous?

What is site enhancement oil?

Site enhancement oil are oils used by bodybuilders to be injected into muscle parts. The goal is to emphasize certain muscles or bring up lagging parts for symmetry. Synthol (brand name) was the first product to come out and is often used as the generic name for site enhancement oils. Since then other companies have come out with site enhancement oils. SEOs will gradually leave the muscle, taking years to leave it completely.

Who uses site enhancement oils?

Some pro-bodybuilders are suspected of using SEOs, but since it is still frowned upon even in pro-bodybuilding, it is not publically admitted. Greg valentino an amateur bodybuilder, is an example of someone who overabused SEOs and now looks ridiculous.

How does site enhancement oil cause muscle gains?

There is a few theories out there. There is no actual research on the issue, so we are only left to decide which theory is the most probable. The first theory is that the oil exclusively causes the size. They then assume that once the oil is gone, that the muscle gains are lost too. This is probably not true, based on the reports of bodybuilders who have used it. There seems to be a more permanent component that causes the muscle gains.

The other theory is that it causes muscle growth due to scar tissue. I found this on wikipedia, which isn't a reliable source anyways(since its all volunteer by many average people's input). While scar tissue may be a side effect, I highly doubt it contributes to most of the muscle gains.

The most reasonable theory out there is, SEOs cause muscle growth due to muscle fascia tissue stretching. The injected oil causes the muscle fascia tissue to stretch significantly, that we know from basic anatomy. The question is, does this stretching of the muscle fascia actually facilitate muscle growth? You can read more about muscle fascia stretching and how to stimulate it in workouts in a previous article of mine: Muscle Fascia Stretching

Side effects of using Site enhancement oils:

Using SEOs is very dangerous. If it accidentally gets into a major blood vessel it can cause many serious problems, including stroke. The long term leakage into the body is also a concern of health. While not as effective, it would be safer to naturally stimulate the muscle fascia in your workouts. To see what happens to someone who grossly abuses SEO, see a previous article of ours on Greg Valentino.