Smoking’s Effects on Bodybuilding Gains

June 11th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

The issue of smoking and it's effect on muscle gains and fat loss is a long time debate in the bodybuilding community. I'm going to come out and say that bodybuilding and smoking have very little to do with each other in effecting your muscle gains. I know that my fellow bodybuilders want to say it will effect it dramatically, but that is simply based on no direct studies.

You might say, well there is no facts that point to your case that it doesn't effect it dramatically. The answer is simple. There are top pro-bodybuilders who smoke. No matter how genetically gifted you are or how many steroids you take, you can not get to the pro-level unless smoking had very little effect on your gains.

To me smoking is a health and motivation issue. The health effects you know so I won't bore you with repeating them. It's a motivational issue because it effects your breathing. If you are out of breath you are less likely to enjoy your workout or finish it. If your workouts aren't fun or are too hard then you are more likely to quit working out or not work out as frequently.

And what good is bodybuilding if you smoke? People will look up to you for being ripped and/or massive, but if you smoke they will think you are throwing it all down the drain. And they are right.

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