Social Physique Anxiety (SPA)

August 19th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Social Physique Anxiety is a general mental condition, describing someone who’s thoughts are constantly worrying about what others think of their physical appearance. While everyone may think they have this condition at some point, it is when these thoughts cause you to miss out on life.

Many people think that woman suffer from this much more than men. However, a study by East Carolina University and the University of Florida, showed that both sexes suffer from Social Physique Anxiety in almost equal numbers. Many new and experienced bodybuilders suffer fromBigorexia.

Overweight or very skinny men may also suffer from “Gym fright”, that keeps them from ever joining a gym. If you have to get a home gym, then do it. But eventually it would be best for these types of people to join a gym and raise their confidence level.