Steroids effects on Females

June 23rd, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Steroids are not as accepted in the bodybuilding community as with male bodybuilders. And for good reason considering Testosterone is a “male hormone”. Just like when men want to go through a sex change they take estrogen, women take testosterone to become men. So as you can see it’s a very dangerous path for a woman to be taking testosterone.

Long term testosterone can turn a woman into a very masculine looking female. Long term women steroid users usually get around this, by doing very short cycles or in low doses so it doesn’t drastically change their body. Testosterone is extremely androgenic through it's conversion to DHT which is really what causes all the sexual effects in men. Most women choose to try less androgenic steroids like deca so they can get more of the anabolic and fat loss effects without the equivalent harsh androgenic effects.

Effects on women:

Hair loss and hair growth patterns like men
Fat loss and muscle gain in male patterns
Increased acne
Increased aggression
Loss of period
Permanent Clitoral enlargement
Permanent Lowering of voice
Low HDL, High LDL
High cholesterol
Bone loss

With many of these effects permanent, a woman's use of anabolic steroids a very serious decision female bodybuilder's must make.

  1. nani quarles on December 31st, 2008

    i am a transgendered female who takes 250 mgs of injected testosterone under a Dr. care and would like to get back to weightlifting after 8 years of intermittent weight lifting. I am under a physicians care for my testosterone. I am hoping
    to resume body building