Stretch Marks

July 9th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

As bodybuilders, stretch marks is a common event. It can even be a sign of success after a massive bulking phase. The novelty soon wears off though as they seem to draw attention away from your physique you worked hard at.

About Stretch Marks:

Our skin is composed of 3 layers: Epidermis, Dermis, and Hypodermis. Stretch marks medically are known as stria atrophica and are tears in the dermis. They are not scars though, but instead stretched or tears in the elastic fibers.

Why We Get Stretch Marks:

Growing too fast for the skin can cause the tears and extreme stretching in the elastic fibers in the skin. Once this happens it is irreversible just like when the elastic in our clothes breaks or is overstretched.

Stretch Mark Cures?

Realize there is no 100% cure for stretch marks. Over time though stretch marks go from an ugly red to a whitish/light color. Some common treatments for it are Vitamin E, Cocoa butter, and Fish Oil. Some people opt for actual surgery such as laser. There is also a prescription available for stretch marks called Tretinoin Retin-A.

Prevention is the cheapest and best way. The easiest way to prevent as bodybuilders would be to not have messy bulking phases and to go for a nice clean bulk instead.