Strongman Training

September 13th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Although this is a bodybuilding blog, many bodybuilders, don’t know that much about strongman training. Strongman first had its origins in the 1800’s. These people displayed strength feats in the public such as holding weight over their head, bending steel, bench press, and sometimes it was done at the circus.

In the 1900's it developed into modern competitions. The Worlds most strongest man competition is the top competition. There is dozens of competition meets around the U.S for amateurs in the North American Strongman, Inc. (NAS)

Difference between strongman and powerlifters:

Powerlifting is only for the purpose of becoming more strong in the big 3, squat, benchpress, and deadlift. Strongman do many different excercises that require "real world strength", A.K.A functional strength. Both unlike bodybuilders, train for the purpose of strength and not for size or aesthetics, although size and strength go hand in hand.

Typical training excercises of a Strongman:

These are just some of the typical excercises you may see in a strongman event.

- Log Press - Lifting a large piece of wood(log) over their head for one rep or multiple reps.

- Farmers walk - Hold in each hand very large cylinder weights and walk.

- Tire flip - Flipping a very large tire over and over.

- Crucifix - Hold a heavy object with your arms out perpendicular to the ground. Judged based on how long you can hold it.

- Loading Events - Pick up a heavy object and carry it from one place to the other.

- Medley - A combination of strength events at once. Usually involves running back and

- Atlas/McGlashen Stones - Carrying five large round stones and putting them on a wall.

-Truck Pulling - Attach a harness to the person and have them try to pull a semi-truck or other type of large vehicle.

-Deadlift - Traditional weight lifting deadlift. However, it is not lifting the barbell and weight plates. For example, it may be the end of a truck attached to bars you deadlift.

- Car walk - The strongman is put inside a stripped car. He must walk as far as he can "carrying" the car.