Taurine Supplementation With Ephedrine & Clenbuterol

September 5th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Taurine an amino acid, is often advocated to be taken with ephedrine, clenbuterol, yohimbe, synephrine, and other beta-andregeneric agonists. They base this on the research that taurine levels are reduced with ephedrine and clenbuterol and that adding it will make the said stimulants more potent. I believe even the old ephedra supplements years back used add taurine to the pills.

While Taurine may very well increase the potency of the stimulants, part of the fat loss effects are due to the lowering of taurine. Research shows that Taurine actually reduces insulin sensitivity. This is bad for those trying to lose weight because insulin tolerance leads to more fat gain long term. Taurine also has been shown to lower the thyroid hormone levels, which results in slowing of metabolism. When you reach a fat loss plateau often the thyroid plays a major role in causing it, due to a slowing of metabolism.