The MuscleHead Program Review

May 14th, 2008 by Paul Johnson

Musclehead Program

This muscle building program at is written unlike any other muscle building programs I’ve come across. There is no author or transformation story, just a guy who calls himself MuscleHead. It is written with the same cocky humourous style, as the Rich Jerk E-book was written for affiliate marketing. Muscle Head promises you will be a muscular stud and get all the women, after you read his e-book with all the secrets.

Program Overview

The main program book is The MuscleHead's Guide To a Godlike Physique Yeah, I know the title is ridiculous, but that is the style of the book. Unfortunately, the book is only 45 pages long and it's all very basic stuff you can find reading bodybuilding forums and articles. The book is more of a joke than a serious manual to learning how to build muscle. He does cover workout, nutrition, supplements, and many other things, but its far too basic for a muscle building guide. Musclehead is more worried about throwing in good one liners, than really getting down and telling us how to build muscle.

The musclehead also throws in a few bonuses, one which gives you workout plans for 6 months, that you can follow to a T. I don't know why someone would want to follow his workouts, since they are basic and there is no real story or science he gives, on why we should follow his workouts. In other programs, the author shows us his transformation and the science of why he believes in his workout routines. He also gives, workout and nutrition generator software, which is OK but nothing that helpful. You also get 3 chances to email MuscleHead to answer your questions. Although, I could only imagine the quality of the answers you get.

Do you recommend Program?

No, it is definitely not worth the 77 dollars. Even though it is backed by a 8 week moneyback guarantee, I wouldn't waste my time. This was written by a clever online marketer similiar to the Rich Jerk. This guy has no real bodybuilding experience and is just mimicing the style of the Rich Jerk e book in another niche and translating it to bodybuilding. While, he does provide some useful bodybuilding information and some program bonuses, it is not enough to make up for his lack content in his book and knowledge on bodybuilding.