TKD (Targeted Keto Diet)

July 29th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

TKD is a special form of the keto diet built around excercise workouts.

What is the TKD diet?

In the traditional keto diet, it is based around keeping carbohydrates low everyday. Excercise days are not considered because the regular keto diet is not targeted to active people, such as bodybuilders. TKD differentiates itself, in that you will have a carb load before and after your workouts.

TKD Diet Guide:

Before and after your workout you will load up on a high carb meal. This will allow you the energy and recovery to finish an intense workout, while getting the benefits of a low carb diet. You should have around .3 -.4 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight for each of the carb loading meals. You may have to adjust this slightly outside this range based on genetics, preferences, and your current goal.

The days you don't lift weights will be low carb days, following the traditional keto diet. Do not use your pre-workout meal as a cheat meal opportunity, as you may overeat making your weight training workout difficult. Continue to lift heavy weights in the medium rep range on this diet.