Usnic Acid

August 22nd, 2007 by Paul Johnson

Most bodybuilders have probably not even heard of this very powerful fat loss agent.

What is Usnic Acid?

Usnic Acid is extracted from Usnea, a lichen. It is a bitter yellow substance. Usnic acid is used in powders and ointments for skin infection treatment. Dan Duchaine was the one that first promoted Usnic Acid heavily in the bodybuilding community.

Usnic acid is a extremely potent fat loss drug like DNP. DNP and Usnic Acid both work as an uncoupler agent in the cellular mitochondria. They both can cause dangerous body overheating and their is a very fine line between effective dose and what can kill you!

Usnic acid is highly toxic to the liver also. A mayo clinic study showed that two patients got hepatoxicity, as a result of "recommended dosages" of 3 months use. One of them had to receive a liver transplant!

Why isn't Usnic Acid banned?

Usnic acid is technically legal over the counter because it is found occuring in nature. The FDA may eventually ban it for OTC use, but the lack of widespread use in dietary supplements, has helped keep it at a low priority with the FDA.

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