Weight Gainers (MRP)

July 17th, 2007 by Paul Johnson

What is a Weight Gainer or MRP?

Weight Gainers also known as MRP(Meal Replacement Powders), are powdered meals for bodybuilders to help get them the balanced meal they need conveniently. They contain protein powder and carb powder and extra vitamins/supplements that you mix into water.

Their purpose is not to replace a balanced diet, but only to help get extra protein and calories conveniently. For those with a fast metabolism, weight gainers are crucial to helping bodybuilders gain weight. They are also helpful for bodybuilders while on vacation or on the go.

Weight Gainer Reviews:

N Large 2: This is a very popular cheap weight gainer. Each serving has 52 grams of ion-exchanged whey protein and 89 grams of carbs.

Myoplex Mass: Since it is from EAS it is fairly expensive. It has a decent quality whey protein and casein mix and it tastes well. People not used to Myoplex may find it hard on the stomach at first.

Isopure Mass: Contains 53 grams of protein. They also add BCAA's and gluatamine. Isopure Mass is also a lot more costly than N Large 2.

Weider Mega Mass 4000: This is an "old school" weight gainer. It is one of the cheapest weight gainers around. The carb to protein ratio is too high.

There is many other popular weight gainers out there.

  1. chris deloma on July 18th, 2007

    anyone know how effective the weight gainers are. i.e if i should expect a gut as well. i plan to hit the gym with weight gainers come september

  2. vivek on January 17th, 2009

    will you tell me mega pro gainer jumbo is good or not?